Hi! Welcome to A Life of Love and Joy! My name is Lauren and I'm currently living in sunny Tampa, Florida with my husband Shaun and our two girls, Elizabeth and Katherine.  I'm a reading teacher in the Hillsborough County Public Schools district, which means I'm a working mama. My two girls are the most energetic, sweet darling toddlers you ever did meet -- Elizabeth Christine was born on August 28, 2014 and Katherine Charlotte came into this world on March 27, 2016. On the weekends you can find us at a local park or children's museum because my girls love exploring new things! 


  1. Hey there! I follow you on Instagram and saw that you had a blog! Thought I 'd come over and check it out! It's great...I'll be following you for sure! Good luck, girl. :) :)

    1. Thank you!!! I will be posting much more frequently in the coming days!!!

  2. I hate paying my student loans too! We set up a countdown so each payment is 1 payment closer to paying them off...makes it a little more exciting that way. LOL


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