Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
I'm so glad the weekend is here -- fingers crossed that my husband isn't gone on business trips the ENTIRE weekend, but if he is, I guess it'll be a girls weekend! It's been a busy, busy week for us so I have lots to share today -- so here goes nothing! ;)
1. Back to School
Our darling little Elizabeth started pre-k 2 this week at our church. It's such a cute little preschool and I'm glad she'll be going part time. Although it's not solely academic-based, I'm excited for her to be around other kids! When I left Tuesday morning, they were just started the learn the sign of the cross and it was just precious. She may have been the only one screaming at that point, but the classroom assistant gracefully took her so I could sneak out. Little by little I think she'll get used to Tuesday and Thursday mornings away from mommy! 
 Love her to pieces! But this was so
not the first shot we got! :)

Because what toddler sits 
nice for a picture!?! :)
2. Halloween Pajamas
I love all things having to do with every holiday -- so when I saw that Carter's was having a huge Halloween flash sale on Tuesday,  I bought these matching pajamas for the girls. I cannot WAIT for them to start wearing matching clothes! Eeek! 

3. Fall Television
While I'm patiently awaiting for my fall television shows to return -- like Grey's Anatomy and Chicago Fire (and all the other Chicago shows), I've been loving Master Chef, Mistresses, and Real Housewives of OC and NJ. Tuesday night though, the new season of Below Deck premiered and I kinda forgot about it. Luckily it was on later and I DVR'd it. Last night I enjoyed a nice glass of wine while I watched the first episode. LOVE! I'm glad some of the original cast stuck around -- like Ben and Kate. There looks to be some good drama later this season so I'm looking forward to spending my Tuesday evenings with more wine and the cast of Below Deck! 

4. Friends Who Deliver Wine
That's right guys. A coworker of mine (who I will point out JUST had a baby two weeks ago) noticed my SOS Facebook status Wednesday afternoon and delivered a bottle of wine! It was so nice! Gosh -- not only do I have friends that monogram beautiful things for my girls alllll the time, but I have friends who bring me wine! I feel so loved! I quickly put the bottle in the fridge and after the girls went to bed, I enjoyed a fairly large glass of it! Looking forward to more wine this evening! 

5. Mommy-Baby Time
Now that Elizabeth is in school two mornings each week, I'm able to spend some time alone with Katherine. I know that Katherine is too young to remember all the crazy moments when big sissy is around, but these are moments that I'll cherish forever. She's such a happy baby most of the time (poor thing is teething like crazy the past few days and I ended up giving Tylenol yesterday afternoon because she was just miserable), so I've been loving having some quiet time with her! Before I know it she'll be crawling, so I'm taking in all the baby snuggles on my lap while I can! 
Who can resist that adorable face!?!

I hope the weekend is a great one for your friends! I'll be back next week with a new pumpkin recipe, some dinner ideas, and a DIY craft that I'll hopefully be finishing up this weekend! 

Catch you later! :)

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