Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello weekend! I am so incredibly happy it's the weekend. It was a tough week guys -- TOUGH. There were a few moments when I actually cried because I was just so overwhelmed. My sweet Katherine is fighting a cold and/or teething so she's been miserable unless she's being held.  Luckily my darling toddler Elizabeth has been a little angel all week -- minus a couple times where she had to spend five minutes in time out (Strict mama over here doesn't play!) Let's just say the days were LONG and the nights of sleep were SHORT!

Even though it was a challenging week, I'm soaking up these moments because in just a little bit over a month, I'll be back at work and totally missing my babies. Sigh. 

Since it's Friday, it's time for my Friday Favorites! 

homemade baby food
With Elizabeth, I made all of her baby food and it was something that I truly enjoyed. Since Katherine is close to being six months (say what!?!?!) and she was switched over from breast milk to formula (I'll share details on that in a post soon!), I decided it was time for her to start solids. Making baby food is truly a fun experience because I know exactly what is going into her little body. Everyone always thinks making baby food is a lot of work, but really it isn't! I just set aside a little time in the evenings once the girls are in bed. Look for a post about my tips for making baby food next week!
I think K likes avocado!

oatmeal cookie bites

Oh goodness. The girls and I were at Target earlier this week and I noticed that all of the Annie's snacks were on sale. As much as I'd like to say that I only give Elizabeth organic snacks, it's just not the truth. I do limit the "junk" she eats and when the organic stuff is on sale, I usually splurge and stock up. I tossed a box of the bunny fruit snacks in my cart and then noticed these Oatmeal Cookie Bites and they screamed BUY ME! Well guys.... I legit ate the entire bag. MYSELF. Elizabeth didn't get any! They are just so delicious -- I'll have to go run out to Target sometime before the sale ends to buy another bag. Or THREE. 

Le Pens
I'm a teacher, therefore I am obsessed with school and office supplies. I noticed that Groupon had a great deal on Le Pens last week and I had heard how wonderful these pens are. Guys -- they are AMAZING! They write beautifully and don't bleed through the pages on my Day Designer for Target planner. I know they also work for Emily Ley's Simplified Planner (which I used as my planner last year). If you are a planner girl, I suggest investing in these pens! You'll won't regret that decision at all! 
 I hope your weekend is a fun one friends! Catch up with you on Monday!
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