Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

What a week it's been -- I started off the week with my parents here and ended the week nearly floating away thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine. I don't know about all you other Floridians, but I'm ready for hurricane season to be over. The thought of needing an emergency stash of water, a plan for evacuation, and the thought of flooding is enough to send their northern girl into a whirlwind of worrying! 
Thankfully for Tampa, the storm moved north and so we didn't get hit too hard -- schools were closed but since I'm on maternity leave, it was just another regular day off for me! 
I'm looking forward to this weekend because not only is it a long weekend thanks to Labor Day, but it's the end of summer for our darling Elizabeth. She starts up Pre-K 2 on Tuesday and I'm excited for her to get into a routine, make some new friends, and start to love school!
Enough rambling, time for my Friday Favorites!
1. Chew Beads
Having a teething baby is NO joke. It seems Katherine is perfectly content gnawing on her hands every second she gets. I don't mind her doing that for comfort, but I wanted to look into some of the neat teething necklaces they have out there. When Elizabeth was a baby, I always wanted to buy a Chew Beads necklace, but she just never seemed to be *too* uncomfortable with teething.  Katherine however will gnaw on her hands until she falls asleep and will lay on the playmat just sucking away. During the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I came across this set that included a necklace and a stroller teether. I love that the necklace matches the majority of my wardrobe and Katherine loves the stroller teether while she's in her car seat! 
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2. Hair Bows
I'm all about the hairbows for Katherine. Since Elizabeth ended up in a helmet from the time she was five months until she was eight months, we missed the prime "grooming" period for getting her used to wearing something in her hair. Even now as a two year old, she must prefers her hair in a ponytail. With the wonderful word of Instagram and Etsy, new small business shops are always popping up and showcasing the most precious bows! One company I fell in love with is Little Zo and Co. Their bows are so cute and perfectly prices! I'm also excited to share that Katherine was selected to be a Brand Enthusiast! I can't wait to get my hands on more bows for my littlest! 
Katherine is sporting one of their brown bows -- perfect for fall!

3. Pumpkin Everything
It's September 1st which means all things pumpkin! If you missed it, my post yesterday was a round up of the top 10 pumpkin recipes I want to try this fall. Even my husband is excited about pumpkin season and has already asked me to make the pumpkin pancake bites with chocolate chips. If you missed the post, check it out here

I hope you all have enjoy the nice long weekend -- hopefully Tampa dries up a little bit so we can spend sometime outdoors!
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