Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Letter To My Toddler

Dear Elizabeth,
I love you. Never for one minute forget that. You were mama's first baby. You were prayed for. You were given to us as a beautiful gift.  You put a smile on my face every morning. You make me giggle every afternoon. You make my heart full when you kiss me goodnight. Your love for reading makes my inner teacher scream in excitement.
But now it's time for mommy to apologize.
I'm sorry that when your baby sister was born, you were no longer the center of mommy's attention.
I'm sorry that within 48 hours of your big sister coming into the world, everything was different for you.
I'm sorry that rather than reading a book to you on a rainy Wednesday morning, I sat in the recliner, nursing your sister every two hours while you eagerly looked at me, wondering why I was ignoring you.
I'm sorry that bath time, which you absolutely adore, is sometimes cut short because your sister is crying because she's hungry. Or has a wet diaper. Or just wants to be held. 
I'm sorry that sometimes you end up eating your dinner on the coffee table rather than at the kitchen table because it just so happens that your sister needs to eat immediately and there's no such thing as keeping a starving baby happy. 
I'm sorry that when you ask mommy to draw, she tells you she has to do laundry. Or wash dishes. Or change her shirt because your baby sister has spit up on her. Again. 

I'm sorry that mommy gets frustrated much more easily these days because well, being a mom of two is hard work. 

But with all of these apologizes come some 
pretty fantastic promises which will be here
 before we both know it! 
Soon enough you'll look back at the pictures that we took the day we brought Katherine home from the hospital and you'll smile while proudly saying, "that's my baby sister". 

Soon enough you'll be the center of attention again because you'll be the first one off to kindergarten. The first one to take a dance class.  The first one to come home with a report card.  The first one to get to have a friend sleepover. The firsts will always come to you FIRST.

Soon enough you'll be grabbing your sister's hand and pulling her into your bedroom, sitting down with her on the carpet and playing with your Little People or looking at your beloved Little Mermaid book. Or building a castle with your legos. 

Soon enough you'll be splashing each other in the bathtub and getting mommy all wet. You'll both be giggling. You'll both have wrinkly toes and fingers from sitting in the water.

Soon enough we'll all be at the dinner table together, you'll be asking me for macaroni and cheese. She'll be saying she hates macaroni and cheese and that she wants peanut butter and jelly. And then both of you will change your minds.

Soon enough the both of you will be sitting with your coloring books and crayons at the table. Soon enough you'll be asking me to hang your artwork on the refrigerator. Or in your bedroom. Or in the playroom.

Soon enough, you'll realize that having a baby sister is the best thing in the world. 
You'll soon realize that you have a forever best friend. 
Someone to always talk to. 
Someone to always love. 
Someone to always hug and kiss.
 Someone to tell your secrets to. 
 Someone to tell your stories to.  
Soon enough you'll have a little sister to do everything with.
Because my sweet Elizabeth, it's because of YOU that mommy and daddy wanted another baby. You brought immense happiness to us. You brought such love and joy. Such beautiful memories. Such a feeling of gratitude for our blessings that we wanted to share all of this with another baby. All while loving you at the exact same time.
Now let's go out there as a family, including your baby sister, and have adventures. Tell great stories. Go on vacations. Scream in happiness. Hug in sadness. And love. Let's just love each other forever and ever. 
Because you sweet pea, will always be mama's baby -- you taught me more about myself than ANYONE else. And that my love, is a promise. 
So hang on my sweet baby -- help mommy -- be a great big sister -- because before you know it you'll be wondering how anyone could ever live without a sister.

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  1. That was such a nice letter! It made me smile! So true as well, I relate to it!


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