Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

I actually hadn't planned on blogging today because I find it maddening to blog from my iPad but I love doing my Friday Favorites, so here we are.
We've been in Buffalo for almost a week now and I am absolutely loving it. I keep telling my husband that the girls and I aren't coming home (kinda sorta NOT kidding on that one). He had to go back to Tampa last Sunday because of work but he's surprising Elizabeth next weekend at her 2nd birthday party! In fact, he's surprising my parents too! What a weird conversation that will be next weekend when at midnight I'm like "um mom, I kinda need to go to the airport to get Shaun". But in reality, I'll probably tell her and my dad sometime during the week.
With all of that being said -- sorry for the tangent -- it's time for my Friday Favorites. 
1. Modern Luxuri Lip Conditioner 
For some reason, my lips are so chapped lately. I think it's because I've been awful at drinking enough water. It's easy for me to drink water while at home but apparently not while I'm on vacation. I ran to Tony Walker's beauty store earlier this week and asked for their recommendations and the sales associate mentioned this lip conditioner. I love it because it's nice and light, doesn't feel like it's caked on, and gives me lips a shiny glossy look! 
2. Grilled Chicken Salad
It's no secret -- Buffalo is known for their yummy food.  Unfortunately the food isn't always the healthiest. I told my mom I was craving a tasty salad so we threw together this yumminess earlier this week. I ended up eating the leftover chicken over  another salad for lunch the next day. Give me allllll the greens!
3. Buffalo's Weather 
Gorgeous. That's the only word I have for the weather so far in Buffalo (minus the clouds this morning). The girls and I have spent almost every day outside and they are loving it too. It's actually been fairly warm, but being a Floridian for nine years has made me used to hot and humid! I will say, it's definitely a different kind of humid here -- I find myself still driving in the car with the windows down, which means obviously it's somewhat bearable!
4. Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio
While the results for almost ALL of the gymnastics events were ruined for me due to people posting on Social Media before it aired here on television, I've been loving watching the USA athletes kick butt in all of the events. I can't believe how talented and strong these athletes are. It kinda makes me want to run back to the gym for a second workout today. But instead I'm sitting here, blogging. But for real... Phelps and Lochte, yes please! 
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5. Birthday Party Planning
Since we're in Buffalo so close to Elizabeth's birthday, I decided to throw a small party up here for her. My cousin (who is also Elizabeth's fairy Godmother) was planning on having a family BBQ, so we decided to roll it all into one! I wanted a Little Mermaid theme since that's currently Elizabeth's favorite so we've been busy planning the event. Planning has kind of spiraled out of control but I can't wait to see everything put together! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures next weekend! 
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