Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friyay!!! I'm so excited because my family and I will be boarding a plane this evening and jetsetting off to Buffalo! Ahh, home sweet home! I spent the entire week making lists and packing and preparing the girls and myself for our trip. Packing is a lot of work in and of itself but when you add two girls, it's a tad overwhelming! I actually ended up packing up some toys, sippy cups, toddler plates, spoons, and forks, and mailing them to my parents house earlier this week. I knew our suitcases would be tight on space and I didn't want to forget anything. Luckily I have family and friends up there who will be loaning us car seats and a pack and play and a friend here in Tampa is loaning me a stroller for our trip.

My Friday Favorites today include a variety of things -- baby/toddler things, mama things, and everything in between! So here's my list! :)

Although I'm still longing for the diaper bag I talked about last month,  I do love the one I received while I was expecting our first baby a couple of years ago. It's the perfect size and can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest. It also fits underneath our stroller or can be hooked on. I spent naptime yesterday organizing it for our trip. 

2. Textbook Buyback
With me not working, I'm always looking to sell things to make a little bit of spending money. Over the past several weeks, I was able to sell about $200 worth of things around the house so I wouldn't have to be using my debit card the whole time we're in Buffalo. Face it, I'm more likely to be more careful spending cash than I am to just whip out my debit or credit card. Since my husband and I both have a ton of textbooks on our office bookshelves, I decided to spend the afternoon on Sunday entering ISBN numbers and figuring out which sites would offer me the most money! The two sites that were offering the most money were Sell Back Your Book and I highly recommend both sites if you have some books you're willing to part with! 

3. Zip-Up Canvas Bags
My girls both have a TON of hair accessories and since we're going to be on vacation for almost three weeks, I needed to pack more than just one bow and hairband. My mom bought this for Elizabeth for Easter and it's the first time we're using it. I will eventually get one for Katherine, but for the meantime, both of their hair accessories fit perfectly inside! It's perfect to just throw into their suitcase and not have to worry about losing any of their adorable accessories. 

4. Starbucks Gold Card
I have a huge coffee obsession this summer. It's actually kinda out of control. I've already met the required spending for another year of gold card status and I feel like a VIP! Ha! I try to limit my trips to Starbucks to only once or twice a week, and I do only get a basic hot or iced coffee, but it does add up.  Luckily by having a gold card, I get deals and freebies all the time! I actually have multiple free items just waiting for me! I wanted to use them this week but I decided to save them for when we're on vacation! I'm about as basic as they come! 

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5. Bad Moms
Last night I went with a group of mommy friends to the CineBistro theater to see Bad Moms. It was absolutely hilarious! Deep down we're all bad inside, aren't we? If you're a mom, I highly recommend the movie! It'll make you feel way less guilty for some of the things you think are "bad" when compared to the movie, they aren't bad at all! 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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