Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

I can't believe another week of summer has come and gone! The days are just going by way too fast lately -- it's hard to believe Monday will be August 1st! The whole summer has actually been a blur because I'm still in "mom of two" survival mode! I love my girls but boy-oh-boy do I love when it's bedtime! Since it's Friday, it's time for me to share some of my favorites! 
I love the holidays and Halloween is no exception to that! I came across this deal on Halloween bedding for Elizabeth on Thursday morning and immediately jumped on it -- I had a bunch of gift cards (one is from my first baby shower from the Spring of 2014-- whoops) so I ended up having to pay nothing out of pocket! Plus I scored the 20% off friends and family discount! I kinda wanted to buy a set for our bed but they don't come in king.  Now if only Starbucks had their Pumpkin Spice Latte available... Just kidding. I can wait a little bit longer for all things pumpkin. 

It took me a while to get into the summer season, but I'm digging this season. While I still miss Savi, I've learned to cope. Plus you can't go wrong with the handsome guys like Harry and Marc. Some of the story lines are crazy -- but that's why summer television is just so much fun! My husband and I actually binge watched all of the episodes from this summer over the weekend, so I'm all caught up on the drama! 

Next Friday our little family is shuffling off to Buffalo for a much needed vacation. We haven't been to Buffalo since last December, so it's very exciting! Summers in Buffalo are just amazing and I'm really looking forward to enjoying three weeks (yes, THREE weeks) with my family and friends. One of the "hot" spots is Canalside and I plan on making many trips there since it's only a quick drive from my parents house! I know they have some events while we're there plus I know it's a gorgeous place to just take the kiddos and walk around! Plus it's not far from the Marina where they have the best ice cream place, The Hatch

This was a quick Friday Favorites, as my little Kate is starting to wake up from a way-too-short of a nap. Sheesh - she may sleep at night but man is she my little no-nap ninja during the day! 

Have a great weekend -- I'm looking forward to a nice weekend with my husband and our babies!
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