Sunday, October 4, 2015

Update on Life Lately

Well hello there! 
Talk about a blogging hiatus - my last post was back on August 10th! I never intended to stop blogging for almost two months but when life happens and things get crazy, the priority of blogging just went out the window!
Life lately has been everything but calm, cool, and normal. Without me getting into writing the world's longest post on where I've been the past two months, let me give you a cliffnotes' version of it! 
Early August is when I returned back to work after a glorious two months of summer vacation. Prior to starting pre-planning, I had my 6-mo check up at the dermatologist and I ended up having two moles removed and biopsied. One came back completely normal but the other one, which just so happened to be on the bottom of my toe, came back precancerous. Let me tell you - having one on the bottom of your toe removed is painful. It sucks. And then to find out it's precancerous and more has to be removed. Plus it ended up almost infected, so I was driving back and forth to the dermatologist and wobbling around trying to keep the pressure off of my toe. After about 5 weeks, everything healed and I will be having more tissue removed in April.
April you say? Why such a long wait? 
Well, in-between dermatologist appointments, faculty meetings, and setting up my office/classroom, I learned that my husband and I are expecting our second baby! This baby was completely planned, but we were rather shocked with how quickly it happened. It took us seven months to conceive our daughter Elizabeth, so when we decided to being trying for a second, we figured it would take at least a few months. Nope! :) I think God knew how much we wanted a second baby right away, so we were very excited to find out we were expecting! We had a few hiccups early along - my HcG levels were really low, so I was actually sent to the hospital because my doctor thought I might be having a miscarriage, but after determining that I ovulated much later in my cycle and going through multiple rounds of repeat HcG panels, it was confirmed that we are indeed pregnant! 
We are due April 11th and I'm so excited for a spring baby! Plus this means that I won't be pregnant during the hot summer like I was last time! We had our 12-week checkup this past Friday and everything looks great! I was hoping for a cute ultrasound photo but baby bunny (baby #2's nickname) is actually laying on his or her tummy, so the picture looks quite odd! But, from what I read, it's perfectly normal for baby to be in this position since they have so much space to move around. We heard baby's heartbeat, which at the time was 148 and he or she even had the hiccups! My next OB appointment is October 26th, which will just be a routine appointment. My anatomy scan will be in November but we won't be finding out the gender - we want to be surprised! 
Oh yes, and in-between that exciting news, our daughter Elizabeth celebrated her first birthday! 
 Talk about an exciting, hectic, and wild couple of months! 
I'll be back sometime this week with a post about her birthday and will be sharing some of her first birthday photoshoot, but I wanted to just share with you all why I've been absent from the blogging world! 
It's actually 2am right now and I'm up with a horrible case of heartburn and we don't have anything in the house for me to take. Whoops. So basically I'm just sitting at the computer because when I lay down, I'm pretty sure I'm dying. I'll eventually do a first-trimester recap, but wow guys - no two pregnancies are the same. I barely felt pregnant with Elizabeth until almost the middle of the second trimester and with this sweet baby, I've had every pregnancy symptom and then some! Maybe baby bunny is a boy!?!?! Who knows! :) All I know is, we are very excited! 
Enjoy your Sunday and I'll be back soon with another update! 
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  1. I'm from Buffalo too ( well outside of it). I love the baby announcement picture. I had my kids together and it so nice for then to experience things together. My youngest two adore each other. I love seeing that.

  2. Congrats on the spring baby! I am so happy for you <3


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