Thursday, August 6, 2015

Unfair Fear

As I was scrolling through my IG and FB feeds this morning, an alert from a local news station popped up on my phone. The subject line mentioned something about a movie theater shooting in Tennessee. My heart dropped. 
Why does this keep happening?
What is wrong with the people in our world?
Where have we, as a society, gone wrong?
Over the weekend my husband and I went on a date. We decided on dinner and a movie. Before we even got to the theater, I felt scared. Scared that something would happen. That there would me someone in the audience that had a gun and wanted to cause harm. Once we were inside, I asked my husband if we could sit at the very top (we never sit that high up) because I didn't want anyone behind me. Of course he agreed and we sat in the back row, right in the middle. 
As people entered the theater, I couldn't help but be cautious. Most people were with a significant other and there weren't any children in the theater because it was a movie not appropriate for them (we saw Vacation).
Right as the previews were about to start, a young man sat down about 6 seats from Shaun, in our row. I began to become worried. My first thoughts were "Why is a young man here alone? What if he has a gun? What if something happens?" Luckily my fears were eased when, who I believe to be his parents, sat down next to him.
Then it happened again. An older man sat down a few seats from me. He was by himself. I could feel myself tensing up again. Rest assured though, his significant other soon joined him and I felt a little better. 
I don't think this fear is fair. All of these stories about movie theater shootings are scary. They are upsetting. They make me feel like going out into public, whether it's a movie theater, a shopping mall, or a Target, is dangerous. That awful acts of violence are going to occur at any given moment.
Why do people feel such an immense amount of anger that they want to open fire and injure or kill? 
Why are innocent people targeted because someone is angry at the world?
Why, as a society, do these events keep occuring?
Between this and the stories about the violence at military offices, how are we as a society supposed to feel safe? How are we supposed to teach our children about treating others with kindness? With love? With compassion?
All of these incidents are causing unfair fear. Fear in mothers like myself who can't imagine exposing my daughter to the evil in people. Fear in families who don't leave the house because they are terrified something awful is going to happen. 
Back in June, I wrote a similar post after the massacre at the South Carolina church and both of these posts just break my heart.  

As a society, we have to be more kind.
We have to be more caring.
Showing good instead of evil.
Taking care of each other, not tearing people down. 
Maybe it starts with holding the door for the person behind you. 
Or not judging someone by their way of living. 
Maybe it starts with smiling at someone and not ignoring them.
Maybe it starts with realizing that it's up to us to make this country safer for our children. 
 We have to teach them right from wrong and good from bad. 

We don't have to get along with everyone, but this unfair fear I feel right now is an awful feeling. 

As a society, what can we do to help these troubled individuals? How can we stop these horrific acts of violence?
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  1. I completely and totally understand your fear. As a young woman, there are not many places I will go without my husband or dog! If I do go out alone, I feel like I am constantly checking my back and trying to be aware of every single thing around me. However, a Facebook friend of mine put it this way, "our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the devil". Basically saying that the bigger picture and the bigger problem is the devil and until we as a nation and body of Christ fall to our knees and plead with God, nothing will get better. The Bible tells us that the word will continue to get darker and darker but we can have hope because He also promises that the Church will get brighter and brighter <3

  2. I can completely relate to your fear. I also have similar fears since some of the recent events in movie theatres. I think it's important to acknowledge our fears but then work to consciously move past them. It's no way to live a life :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this experience! I totally understand where you are coming from and it is brave of you just by writing about it!

  4. Love your simple ideas of putting kindness into your every day life...I have been on a mantra hunt this summer and came up with...good karma out = good karma's the little things you do that add up!!

  5. All so true, and I know this post will touch a lot of people. There is always going to be madness and evil in the world, but I think approaching others with kindness and being open with yourself and showing love to others is a great way to start a ripple effect. :)

  6. I loved this! I have been seriously working on approaching more people and situations with kindness....You never know how it could influence someone's day :)

  7. I can completely agree with everything you have written here. It makes me sick to watch the news these days. I can't imagine such an intense anger and hatred that would drive you to take innocent lives. Kindness matters. I wish more people would see just how important it is to be nice to each other!

  8. I'm also trying to not make those fears become overwhelming. I'm definitely more cognizant of who is around in a place like a movie theater now than I have ever been. The Nashville shooting was a little too close for comfort. I used to live in that area when I lived in Nashville. I saw Titanic in that same theater the day it opened and countless other movies. My son's dad still lives in Nashville and though he doesn't live in that particular area, when my son visits, they do go to the movies, always.

  9. It is overwhelming sometimes to not be overpowered by the negativity. However, I've learned that usually it is ourselves that lets it in. I'm going to start doing a no-technology Sunday every Sunday to just give myself space from social media (where I feel like a lot of my negativity is coming from) and to help myself re-charge.


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