Friday, June 19, 2015

Where Is The Love?

Yesterday morning I woke up and jumped right on IG. A few of the people I follow had posted a picture of a church, with #prayingforcharleston. I immediately assumed that there was some sort of devastating storm that had rolled through Charleston and had a huge impact on a church, but when I googled "Charleston", the first thing that popped up was a news report about a massacre at a church. 

A massacre at a church?

I instantly felt overcome with sadness.  Not that I wouldn't have been sad over a town hit by a weather event, but I'm telling you, this world we live in is becoming a scary, scary place.

After reading multiple news articles from various sources, I came to the conclusion that there really are some evil people in this world. Disturbed people. People who are just full of hatred. I can't even begin to understand how someone could rationalize what happened. You can't put any sense into a young man, firing at innocent people praying at a Bible study. You just can't.

As a mama to a sweet little baby, this tragedy makes me so scared. Scared to go out into public. Scared to go to a place to worship. Scared to go anywhere. Scared to bring her into the world we live in.

You never know who is going to be walking down the aisles at your local grocery store. Or pulling into the parking lot at a school. You never know if the person next to you is carrying a loaded gun and is going to start firing at any given moment.

This world is full of hatred. 
This world is full of mean-spirited people. 

This is not my typical blog post. Normally I have a firm belief in not blogging about religion or politics. Why? Well, everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion and who are any of us to judge. 

But this massacre.
This act of unnecessary violence. 

I applaud the citizen in North Carolina who spotted the suspect and followed him until the police could take over. I pray that this young man is prosecuted to the fullest extent to the law. But I also pray for him that he realizes what he has done. He has taken the life of someone's father. Someone's mother. Someone's friend. Someone's brother or sister. Someone's pastor. How? Why?

They speculate that it might be a hate crime. 

In 2015? A hate crime?

Where is the love?

Where is the ability for people to get along, regardless of the color of their skin? Do people not remember the wise words of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior? 


As someone who works with people of all racial backgrounds, it's easy for me to say this. It's easy for me to say that everyone should get along. It's easy for me to say that I accept all races.

But given this situation, apparently it's not easy for others. And that is SAD. 

I pray for people to start sharing the love. I pray for people to learn to get along and to not express hatred for each other. If not for my generation, but for my daughter's generation. 

I pray for my daughter to grow up in a world where there is peace between everyone. 

I pray for my daughter to learn that it doesn't matter what your skin color is. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. 

I pray for my daughter to realize it's up to her to show people how to love. How to be caring. How to respect others. How to be a role model. 

I pray for a world for my daughter to grow up in where there is love. Where there is no anger. No hatred. No violence.

I came across this quote as I was researching facts about the Charleston church massacre and it is one I wanted to share:

"Anger and hate dig holes.
Love and kindness move mountains.

Choose your motivation wisely."
 -Zero Dean

So today, I am praying for the world we live in. I am praying for peace and for tolerance. I am praying for those who were innocently murdered. I am praying for their family members who are mourning. 

Today I am praying that people find the love for each other.

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  1. I so feel the pain and sadness about all this too...praying for love and kindness to move mountains that will help us to overcome all this hate! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very well written. It's really sad and shattering. I pray for humanity.

  3. It's hard to believe that things like this still happen and that people can be so filled with hate. I'd like to say that things have gotten better over time, but events like this make me think otherwise.

  4. I too worry about what the world will be like for my daughters. Seems like people are migrating more and more towards extremes...

  5. Such a terrible, unfathomable, thing to have happened. I think we all worry about the world we're bringing our children up in.

  6. It's so sad. I actually wrote a post not too long ago about a shooting massacre that took place in Menasha, WI when a man opened fire on a family walking through a park. I just can't even fathom why.

  7. Such a horrible thing. My heart is so heavy. Where can we feel safe if not at a church?

  8. It's just so sad that these stories keep happening. Broken hearted for all of these families who lost lives. So hard to even imagine.

  9. This is such a sad thing that has happened. We live in a scary world and I fear for the future :-/

  10. Such a beautiful post Lauren. This is the time when we need to hear these words the most. After having someone put me down because of me being gay really has opened my eyes to the horrendous bigotry and discrimination that others go through each and every day. We need to let go and simply love. Thank you for sharing your encouraging words.

  11. I'm praying right there with you


  12. I feel the same! I have for a long long time. Im only 25 but ive seen the change happening all my life and its sad and scary to think about let alone live. I hope that maybe it will start changing for the better. Thank you for sharing!!

  13. I am as well. I was raised to love everyone, no matter the color of their skin, religious beliefs, "status" - even love those who persecute me. It is a scary world we live in. May God help us to love each other and be kind. I believe we need God above all!

  14. I went to a Michael Franti + Spearhead concert last night, and it was the perfect day to do so. He's a reggae artist who is all about One Love, and he talked about the shooting in Charleston, and all of the shootings that have happened around the US, and the entire crowd was all about spreading love during this difficult time in America. It was wonderful.
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs

  15. I'm praying too! This is so horrific and scary! Our world needs help!

  16. We were out of town yesterday, and away from TV, so I had no idea until today. It just makes me sad and scared for my children and their future. I just don't understand.

  17. You make some excellent points. It breaks my heart every time I see one of these senselessly violent events taking place. I hope that in the future we'll be able to move past this devastating trend of regularly occurring massacres. :(


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