Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Ride for Roswell 2015: $200, 20 miles, ONE goal.

 In just a little bit less than a month, I will be strapping on a bike helmet, doing some quick stretches, grabbing a bottle of water, and taking the starting line at the 2015 Ride for Roswell in beautiful Buffalo, New York. I'm no stranger to this cause, as I have participated in this event twice. Both years the weather was perfect. Both years I rode with my father. Both years I had one mission: ride for Team Tina.
Tina, or as I called her, Teena-Weena, was my aunt who passed away several years ago from Sarcoma. A wicked form of Sarcoma. But let me tell you, she fought HARD. Harder than I would ever be able to fight. She endured chemo and radiation. Hospital stays and doctors appointments. She never gave up. But, the cancer was just too aggressive and she passed away in December 2011. 
Cousin Sara's Bridal Shower, July 2010
My aunt Tina and I

Unfortunately, Tina never got to see me on my wedding day. But in November, before she passed, she was able to be there as I tried on my wedding dress when it arrived. This was so important to me. You see, Tina was (and always will be) my Fairy Godmother. She was always at our house. Always smiling. Always having a good time. She was my mom's best friend. She was an amazing mother, sister, aunt, and Fairy Godmother.
My beautiful cousin Sara and her mom, Tina.
Photo Courtesy of Knight Studio

Before she passed in December 2011, my cousin decided that our family would participate in the Ride for Roswell, which is a huge fundraiser for Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  I encourage you to head on over to the Why We Ride page so you can read about and see videos that share the goal of the Ride as well as why so many people participate in it. So far, for the 2015 Ride, there are 7,418 riders. That's 7,418 people who couldn't possibly be more passionate about finding a cure for cancer. About riding in memory of someone who fought a hard battle with cancer, or supporting a loved one who is currently fighting cancer.  I don't know anyone who doesn't have someone in their family who has battled cancer or a friend who either lost their battle or won. Cancer touches everyone around us.

Not only did my cousin Sara have to overcome the loss of her mother, but she had to do it not long after she found out she was expecting a beautiful baby boy. My cousin dealt with this horrible thing with such grace, such positivity. She channeled herself into being completely dedicated to helping Roswell Park Cancer Institute. She currently still sits on the board as a member and will be riding in one of the new routes at this year's ride. She gathers friends and family up to join Team Tina every year and every year she participates in the ride with her husband Anthony. Roswell Park however, is not new to my cousin. While in high school, she volunteered in the Patient Transport department.

 Me & Daddy
Our first Ride, 2011! 

 Boy-oh-Boy do I look young here!!!!

 Our inspiration, our Teena-Weena! :)

The ride in 2012! :)
I'm not one who asks for money. But I'm asking now. I'm asking you to spare $5. I'm asking you to spare whatever you can to help find a cure for cancer. To help stop someone from losing a loved one to cancer. Any amount helps. Roswell Park Cancer Institute may be in Buffalo, but their doctors and surgeons, their researchers and scientists are out there looking for cures for cancer and this can impact us anywhere in the United States and even worldwide. Their research demonstrates their dedication to finding a cure and without your donation, they cannot do the research that is necessary for our family and friends who are dying of cancer.

Please head on over to the Team Tina page and donate if you can. I know come June 27th, I will be riding with a smile on my face because I know my Teena-Weena is an angel in Heaven watching down on all of us. 

I thank you for listening to this story and hearing how passionate I am about this cause! :) Cancer sucks, let's beat it!!!


  1. What a great cause! Best of luck on June 27th. I'm sure she would be so proud!

  2. Great cause! At first I thought you meant Roswell, NM and I was imagining you biking away from aliens!

  3. This is so amazing that you are doing this. And Tina sounds like a truly special person. She is going to be rooting for you!! :)

  4. Such a great thing you're doing! Good for you! Best of luck!!!

  5. Oh this is such a wonderful cause! I'm sure your aunt would be so proud. Good luck!

  6. Good luck!!!, great support for a cause...<3 it

  7. Omg what a great cause!!! Best of luck on June 27th :):)

  8. I wish you so much luck and strength!

  9. Such a great cause, sorry for your loss and am sure your auntie Tina would be proud. Good luck out there.


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