Thursday, June 11, 2015

That Day... Hot Mess... Tell Me I'm Not Alone

Ever have one of those days where you literally have to laugh because it's been one thing after another? That was me yesterday. Now that I'm on summer vacation, I am loving life without a schedule. I only had a few things I wanted to accomplish yesterday - picking up some gently used baby clothes for JB (when she grows this quickly, I refuse to pay full price for clothing and I always buy the cutest clothes from the same mama), drop off a package at the UPS store, and make an appointment for a contact lens fitting since I'm on my last pair (I legit don't know how long I've been wearing this pair. But in my defense, I don't wear my contacts every day). 
Little did I know what was in store for me as I tried to accomplish these, what appeared to be, simple tasks that shouldn't have been a big deal. 
Enter reality...
After JB's morning nap (which by the way, I put her down WHILE she was still AWAKE and she didn't fuss at all once I left the room), we played for a couple minutes and then headed out to run errands.  Naturally as we're running out the door, I hear rumbles of thunder and once I get driving, I realize we're driving into some serious dark clouds. Luckily we managed to make it in and out of the UPS store without getting wet, but once I got on the highway, the clouds opened up. Driving in Florida in the rain is already terrifying, but add in having a baby in the car and I was totally panicking. I literally could not see at one point once I got off at my exit. Luckily the majority of cars around me were driving cautiously so I was able to breathe. It was an intense ride back home too but I just drove very carefully and we made it!
Since I was so stressed out from the drive, I had to have an iced coffee from DD. I just had to. Unfortunately, there is only one DD close to us and the are the slowest ever. I actually went there on Saturday and ended up leaving because the wait was getting out of hand. I'm not sure what the two cars in front of me ordered but it was such a long wait. Poor JB was getting so sick of being in the car and a mama can only sing the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider so many times before we both start going cukoo. But all was right in the world when I took that first sip and realized everything would be A-okay. 
Once we got back home we played for a little bit, she had lunch (spinach, carrots, and beans) and then I put JB down for her second nap and called Lenscrafters to make an appointment for a contact lens fitting. I had an eye exam back in October but never got around to the contact lens fitting. Surely I thought I could just pop in, get fitted, and then order contacts. WRONG. Did you know you only have 90 days from having an eye exam to get fitted for contacts? How ridiculous.  Luckily I have double vision insurance so I was able to get an appointment for ANOTHER eye exam (oh goody, I love eye exams. Said no one ever) and have the eye exam covered by insurance. Unfortunately the contact lens fitting wasn't covered though. Boo, hiss. I managed to make an appointment for 4:30 which meant a short nap for our little peanut. 
Of course, as I woke her up, I could hear the rumbles of thunder. Super awesome, right!?!? I quickly changed her diapee and when I sat her up, she burped (quite an impressive burp I may add), and out came a nice pile of her lunch. On our comforter. And then she stuck her hands in it. Now mama can handle poopies. But baby puke/spit up just makes me want to bleach the house. I HATE it. Especially when there's remnants of yogurt.  Blech. I didn't have time to throw it in the washing machine so I just wiped it with a baby wipe (because that did nothing at all, lol) and figured I'd wash it later.
So, off we go to the mall (the Lenscrafters location I chose was at the mall - why you ask? Because I had Loft Cash that I needed to use up - convenient thinking, right!?!?! At least I had one mom win today). I knew enough to park under the parking ramp but it doesn't help that there is no cover from the parking garage to the entrance to the mall so there JB and I were, hugging the wall, with me carrying an umbrella, pushing a stroller, and trying to not slip in the huge puddles of water. I wish someone would have taken a picture of me. Hot mess!!!
After a record-setting trip to Loft (I grabbed three pairs of shorts and a dress), we ended up at Lenscrafters at 4:15. Awesome I thought. Maybe they can take me early I thought. 
Um. No.
Let's just say at 6pm I was finally heading home, after calling my husband almost in tears because JB was getting so impatient, she had a wet diaper (i had a diaper bag with me but changing her in the closet of an exam room seemed like a ridiculous idea), and I was getting the start of a migraine. Oh yes, and as we were waiting for what seemed like eternity, JB burped and spit up. All over the carpet at Lenscrafters. But thankfully she missed my purse by about an inch. Whoops. Luckily the eye doctor had no problem with me having her on my lap during the whole "is picture 1 better, or picture 2" scene. Which by the way, I rarely notice a difference when they ask that question. It's almost like I'm guessing. Ha! The eye exam went fine but apparently I now have astigmatism which means more expensive contacts. Go big or go home, right!?!?!
So needless to say, it was one of those days. One of those days where I was a hot mess. But, JB was fed, took two naps, had playtime, and was the star celebrity while at Lenscrafters. 
I'm looking forward to a more relaxing day today since I'll be sitting around from noon-five for our Tampa Electric Energy Audit. We think our air conditioning is working way too hard so we want to see if more insulation needs to be added and if we'll get a credit from TECO for it.  
So please tell me I'm not the only mama out there who has had a day like this recently. If not, I might just stay in bed all day hiding under the covers.
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  1. I have soooo many days like this! Most of my life has been like this. So I completely understand. It is SO exhausting! I just try to always find a positive in every negative, no matter how small.

    1. Haha luckily I have a beautiful baby girl who makes anything SO much better! :) Her smile is just the most calming thing ever! :)

  2. I hate those days! And to me an eye exam is torture!!! Better hope the fate of national security never rides on my shoulders cause they can threaten and eye exam and I'm gonna spill the beans.

  3. No you are definitely not the only one! I did a blog post a couple days ago about how my toddler locked the bedroom door while I was in the shower and I couldn't even get to my clothes! I it was awful. I am pretty much always a hot mess and those are the exact words I use too. I hope today goes better for you.

  4. I just wrote about my crazy day yesterday, which funny enough, also involved the eye doctor! You are not alone!!!

  5. I'm not a mama but I have many 'hot-mess' days. Laughter is the best coping mechanism in these moments!

  6. The great things about crazy days like that is the next will bring a fresh start. Hopefully today was better!

  7. If it makes you feel better, I've had days like this and I don't even have a child. So I can't even imagine a hot mess day with one!

  8. oh bless you sounds like you had one heck of day and the rain didnt help either, am sure you glad it's all done and ready for the next round whatever it might be.

  9. Thank goodness for DD being there when you needed it. Funny how it has magical properties like that!


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