Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday

My husband is on an airplane right now and should be landing in Buffalo in just about 30 minutes. I am so. freaking. excited. I haven't seen him in almost two weeks and I know he is really missing Elizabeth. I know that when we get back from the airport and he wakes JB up from her nap, she is going to be so happy to see him! Although the weather is supposed to be awful tomorrow and Sunday, it's PERFECT today so we will be enjoying some time outside for sure!
I am *obsessed* with my FitBit. I love that it even tracks my sleep (and it's pretty accurate too... I've been waking up at weird times in the middle of the night and when I check the log in the morning, the times are pretty close). Sure, it's a little manly, but with manicured nails, it's just fine!:) I admit, I took it off last night to give Elizbeth a bath and I forgot to put it on. Once I got into bed, I was way too lazy to go grab it. But then when I woke up this morning, I forgot again to put it on and had walked around all morning with JB. Sigh. #firstworldproblems 
My obsession for iced coffee has traveled with me to Buffalo. Unfortunately my debit card number was compromised so I haven't had the ability to go out and buy one each morning. Luckily this morning I found a Tim Horton's gift card in my mom's car so I gladly borrowed stole it to buy one. Man is Tim Horton's coffee 100x better than Dunkin! I have k-cups for Tim Horton's but I don't have a Keurig that brews cold beverages so this just confirms that I need to buy one. Also... I heard from someone that the reason the coffee tastes so good from there is because they use heavy cream instead of the usual coffee creamer!?!?! Good grief. 

I've been absent from blogging lately because my parents WiFi signal is so. freaking. slow. It's basically a struggle just to sign onto my e-mail, let alone Blogger to type up a post. Plus I really have been enjoying my time here with Elizabeth. But for some reason this morning, I was able to get a good signal and have had luck with blogging so far! I can't wait to get back to my daily blogging! I have some great post ideas for the upcoming week - think toddler-friendly food (wait, did I really just say toddler!?!?) and some DIY decor ideas. 

It's almost July. How crazy is that!?! It seems that this summer, as usual is flying by. I mean I've been on summer vacation for three weeks already! How is that possible??? The 4th of July is next weekend and we don't really have any plans. With a little one, I'm okay with that! I'm perfectly okay with sitting at home watching the National Fireworks display on television! It's so patriotic and it's something I'll be able to enjoy once the little one is snuggly asleep! 

Have a great weekend everyone! Catch you later!
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  1. I can't believe how quickly June went by! I told someone that we should make plans for July since the next few weeks are busy, and then I realized July is NEXT WEEK. Oops! Hope you have a great weekend with your husband!

  2. I can't believe July is next week too!. Yikes!! I'm a fitbit lover, as well!

  3. I haven't made the Fitbit purchase yet, but I'm so tempted. And I can't believe it is almost July. The weather hasn't even been that warm here yet. Soon it will be back to winter coats. Ugh.

  4. I'm glad you mentioned about the National Fireworks on TV! I need to set a reminder to watch that if the weather wigs out here!! :) Happy Weekend!

  5. I'm obsessed about ice coffee, too. I could just drink it all day.

  6. I wish I could like iced coffee - so many people talk about it! But hence, I'm not a fan of coffee no matter what form. I'm super excited about july too! 6 months from Christmas! ;)


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  8. I have been wanting to try the fitbit! And two weeks! I bet you're excited! :)

  9. I've heard so many great things about the FitBit. My friend has one and loves it!

  10. I know, it's so funny how much it throws me off when I don't have good WiFi, lol.
    And geez, I obviously knew it was almost July, but it didn't really hit me until you said the fourth of July was next weekend, holy cow!

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  12. I so NEED a FitBit! Even my mom has one! I'm so behind :( LOL

  13. I love Tim Horton's! I may have to try putting heavy cream in my coffee now... don't tell me how unhealthy it is. ;)
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs


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