Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday

Why hello there! Sorry this post is up so late. It's been a crazy past few days and I've been exhausted lately! Now that I'm officially on vacation as of a little bit less than a half hour ago, I'll be blogging full-force!!! 
Here's my Five on Friday for this week! :)
Summer vacation is H-E-R-E here!!! It's been SUCH a long school year and I've been counting down the days since I went back to work after my maternity leave! I'm so lucky to be a teacher since it allows me to have time unpaid time off. Yes, teachers are lucky to have summers off but we don't get paid over the summer. Our paychecks are shorter each month in order to set aside money for summer paychecks. One small bonus this summer is that we actually get an extra week of vacation! Mama doesn't go back to work until August 17th! That means a little over TWO MONTHS with my sweet, precious baby girl! I. AM. SO. EXCITED.
I am so excited for this weekend. Tonight we're going out to eat (baby's first time in a restaurant... pray for us, LOL) and I'm so excited. I WILL be ordering a glass of wine. Or maybe a fun little summer drink. This afternoon was our end of the year luncheon and I just didn't feel comfortable ordering a drink, even if comp. time was used, so I'll definitely be having an adult beverage tonight! Tomorrow afternoon we are heading to a friend's house for a fun afternoon of swimming, watching our sweet babies play, and eating a yummy dinner! Wahoo for summer dinner parties! 

 A few nights ago, my husband and I got into a conversation about our living room. I desperately need a change in there and since we aren't in the right situation to buy new furniture, I may have talked my husband into painting the walls in our living room/dining rooms. Yikes. I want a fresh beautiful white on the walls because the rooms is so dark right now! I have high hopes of also ordering a new front door. But small steps with that one. We still have a master bathroom to redo and a leaky patio roof. My selling point was that if we ever want to sell our house, we have to drop some money into it. Redoing the living room? Sounds like a winning way to start! I suggested doing a chair rail too but my husband gave me "the look" and so I let it go...

I am in a selling frenzy right now. Since I'm a resource teacher, I've been selling all of my classroom materials that I just simply don't need anymore. I've made a good chunk of money and that's without even going to our storage unit yet! I'm hoping to grab my boxes of chapter books from when I taught third grade so I can sell those too! People, buy my things! I'm saving the money for JB and I to do fun things this summer! And maybe so mama can buy a cute new pair of summer sandals. 

Father's Day is coming up and I really have to come up with a present for the dada. I have a free Shutterfly mug but I think I want to do something crafty. I think I should peruse Pinterest and see what I can find. Usually I can find something good after searching for a few minutes hours. I don't think I even have a Father's Day board so that's something that I'm going to be starting this weekend!  

Well, that's my Five on Friday! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Yay for two months with your little! I haven't even started thinking about Father's Day yet haha. Whoops!


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