Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Recap

Every weekend seems to be an adventure lately! This past weekend was no exception to that! It started off normal and ended normal, but everything in-between... oh boy!
In my Five on Friday post, I mentioned that our air-conditioning thermostat has been acting funny. When we called the AC Repair people on Thursday, they suggested replacing the thermostat ourselves because of what they charge.
 So, on Saturday my husband went to Home Depot and bought a cheap $20 thermostat. When he got home, I gave him the "are you sure we should go THAT cheap and are you sure it's going to work with our AC system" look. I got the "yes, honey" and he proceeded to replace it. Naturally, it didn't work. He went back to Home Depot, bought a more expensive one. Fail. Nothing worked. He ended up putting the old thermostat back on. Again, naturally, the air-conditioning didn't work. This all occured Saturday afternoon. By Saturday evening, it was 80 degrees in our house and we weren't expecting a visit from the AC people until sometime on Sunday. It was HOT in our house. Too hot for our little peanut. Luckily it dawned on me that my husband has a ton of hotel reward points since he travels for business so often. 
Thankfully, we scored a free night at a local hotel and we packed up the car and checked in. Only when we got to our room, we realized that we forgot the pack and play. He thought I loaded it into my car. I thought he loaded it into his car. We took separate cars just in case we got an early morning call that the AC man was on his way. So, my husband ended up going back home to grab it and I got our little munchkin ready for bed. 
Putting her to bed once he got back with the pack and play was a disaster. Every time she fell asleep, we laid her in the pack and play and she cried. But not a fussy-cry. Not a teething-cry. And not a "I'm hungry" cry. It was an "I'm scared" cry. It was sad. My husband ended up getting her to fall asleep in bed and once she was in a deep sleep, we said a few prayers, moved her into the pack and play, and then went to bed ourselves. Yes. We were in a hotel room and all three of us were in bed by 9:30. Party animals, I'll tell you! 
Loves mama's purses! :)
We got up at 7:15 to a baby just sitting in the pack and play, smiling. Gosh, she's so precious. We grabbed coffee and a hotel cinnamon roll and took turns taking showers and playing with Elizabeth. 

 Loves her little dolly!
Right as we got home at 10am, we got a phone call from the AC man that he was on his way. Thank you Jesus!  
 It was a blown fuse. Ugh. $200 later, our air is working. But for real... it's been in the mid-90s this past week and weekend, so our air has been working like crazy. I'm so thankful it's back up and running and that I'm not sweating anymore. I'm pretty sure I was sweating for about 8 hours on Saturday.
Once the AC repair man left, we proceeded with our usual family Sunday. I was in the kitchen baking muffins and icing cookies while he played with Elizabeth. The three of us ended up at Sam's Club in the afternoon because they were having a good deal on diapers and wipes! Score for two giant boxes that should last us a few months! After bath time and bedtime bottle (during a terrible thunderstorm that left mama sitting in the nursery while the dada fed baby girl in the rocker. I hate storms), we did a mini BBQ with chicken sausages, corn on the cob, and baked beans! Yummy! 

 Playtime with dada!

Practicing this whole self-feeding thing.
I'm not used to this kind of mess! Yikes!

What a great way to end the evening! Oh and I'm saying prayers that my little peanut doesn't feel as warm this morning as she did last night. She had a 99.7 temperature, which is pretty "textbook" for a teething fever. Poor thing. Third tooth, just pop already!

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  1. $200 to get the a/c running isn't too bad. I hope your sweet girl is doing better today! Stacie xo

  2. We have been thinking about trying to replace our thermostat ourselves, but this totally convinces me not to do it. I'm glad you got it fixed. I hate being hot in my house.

  3. Replacing a thermostat is super-easy. You have to remember to turn off the unit first otherwise you will trip the breaker (or blow a fuse).

    1. Oh he did! Haha! Somehow it still resulted in a blown fuse. He also waited 5-10 minutes between shut down and restarting.

  4. A/C going out is no fun at all! Glad you got it fixed relatively quickly.

  5. Sorry about the a/c- what a hassle! Your daughter is beautiful :)

  6. We've even had the AC on this week- less for the heat, more for the humidity! Crazy. Just when I thought my static-hair days were over, my frizzy humidity hair days begin...

  7. I would die without an ac. I have mine of 66 right now. We don't even turn the heat on in the winter. I like to stay cool. I would have paid thousands to fix it, but I feel your struggles.

  8. Wow having the AC go out is not fun what so ever! Glad you were able to get a hotel because I have so been through the 100 degree temp with the AC out and it makes for a miserable sleep. I hope she gets better, teething is no fun!

  9. Ahh! What an awful time to have AC issues! I hope your little girl is doing better. Teething is the WORST!

  10. That's so nice that your husband had those rewards and you could stay in a hotel. And we're just as big of party animals over here! I think that's what happens when you have kids.

  11. OH My gosh! I wish we needed the AC right now! It's 45 for a high today here in Minnesota!

  12. Great that you remembered those rewards! It's been pretty warm here in Central, Alabama too I think it got to 90 yesterday :|

  13. What a stressful weekend! It's so lucky you had hotel points, though! I can't imagine trying to sleep in that much heat.
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs


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