Thursday, May 7, 2015

He Gets Me and She's a Great Friend

After a rough couple of days, I was ready to toss in the towel yesterday. End of the school year stuff is stressing me out, JB has been kinda fussy lately (teething... #thestruggleisreal), and a few other instances of ridiculous drama (outside of work) have me spiraling out of control lately.

Life is so hectic I tell you that I completely forgot about Emily Ley's release of her Academic Simplified Planner yesterday at 10am. But THANKFULLY I have a fantastic friend Brittany who offered to purchase the planner for me since I was unable to get to a computer at that moment because I was at work. Before bed on Tuesday night, I legit almost set an alarm for 9:55am Wednesday morning to remind me to get to a computer because I knew they'd sell out. But naturally, and not surprisingly at all, I forgot. The gold pineapple design that I wanted sold out right as she was checking out, but I did get the happy stripe one! I'm so excited to get it in the mail pick it up from Brittany's house when it comes in the mail!

Since she ordered the planner for me, I said I'd come over after I picked up the little munchkin from daycare so I could drop off a check. When I got there, we had an impromptu play-date and it was so much fun! The babies haven't been together in MONTHS and it was fun to see them interacting Bennett talking up a storm and JB moving all over the place.   I'm so looking forward to more of these as soon as summer vacation is here! 21 days to go!!!

JB was being a super fussy monkey once we got home from Brittany's - she was so overtired that she had fallen asleep in the car seat and was legit snoring once we got home. I let her sleep in the car seat for a few minutes so I could empty her diaper bag. After I woke her up, she was quite mad at me and screamed and cried until the dada got home.

And when he got home, he showed me the bottle of wine he stopped to get while on the way home. 

And just like that, I realized how much he gets me. 

I didn't have to ask him to get wine.
He didn't ask if he should buy a bottle. Mainly because I probably would have said no.

But he just came home with a bottle.

He's such an amazing husband. And he has a heart of gold for listening me gripe about everything lately.

So once JB was sleeping, we opened the bottle, I made dinner, and then we enjoyed our wine! 

It was a perfect ending to a rough day and I'm thankful today is a brand new day! But just in case it's a rough one, we left some wine for tonight! Ha! 

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  1. What a superhero! I am looking at a new diary/planner but just don't know what style I want. I often find that the gap for Sunday isn't big enough when I'm trying to fit all the church stuff in there.

  2. Awe!!! I love those days when you're barely hanging on by a thread and your man does something to save the day. It's such a blessing to have a good partner in life!

  3. Days can be tough, but it's great when you have people around you who back you uo and are there for you.

  4. ohh simplified planner, i love it!

  5. Ahhhhh wine makes everything better! Especially after a crazy busy day!


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