Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

Another week down my friends! Summer vacation is getting oh-so-close!!! After today, we have just 19 1/2 days left! This by far has been the strangest and most stressful school year ever! 
With that being said, it's time for Five on Friday!
I'm looking forward to a few things this weekend. One of them is our picnic! :) Saturday morning my husband and I plan on taking JB on a little picnic at a park. We aren't sure which park yet, but I am looking forward to laying out a big blanket, bringing some of her favorite toys, and just having fun! :) We are planning on going first thing in the morning before it gets too warm. I'm going to have to break the helmet rules and let her go for a little bit without it. We don't spend much time outside because of the helmet, but it's Mother's Day weekend and I get to do whatever I want, right!?!?
I had TWO people make me cry this week. TWO! What the heck!?!? Number one, how dare you pick on me - I'm legit the nicest person you'll ever meet. And number two, why do people find it necessary to be rude? I take great pride in my kind heart. In my caring personality. In my attempt to see the good in everyone. I know. I'm an adult. I shouldn't let people make me cry. But you know what? It happened. It's over. But it's not something I can just let roll off my back. I try, but when I wear my heart on my sleeve and someone is rude, my natural reaction is to cry. I guess it's a flaw! 
In going through my office, I've realized I'm such a hoarder. I've been giving things away and/or trying to sell a few things. Since I technically won't have my own classroom next year (just like this year), I no longer need math manipulatives, boxes of brand new crayons, and decorative posters. I've been selling things for super cheap because we all know teachers don't make a lot of money and the money that we do make, we end up spending on classroom supplies! 
Yesterday I visited my dentist for my check-up. I hate the dentist. It's nothing personal, he's a great guy who is super, duper nice. But even as I was out in the waiting room, I found myself covering my ears when I heard the drill. I didn't have any bad experiences at the dentist, I just can't stand it. It's uncomfortable holding my mouth open for that long, they always yell at me for not flossing, and the scraping on my teeth makes my palms all sweaty. Needless to say, the dental hygienist literally had to tell me to breathe in and out and promised me that she was almost done. Ah! By the time Dr. Parasher came in to examine my teeth, I was ready to run out of there! Luckily, no cavities so I'm in the clear! But he did give me a talking-to about flossing my teeth I promised him I'd do it twice a day. And I normally do. For about the first week after a teeth cleaning. I will stick with it this time! 
I've had a great teacher appreciation week! On Monday, the administration at my school bought us a BBQ lunch from a new restaurant in our neighborhood, 4 Rivers Smokehouse. I'm not much into BBQ food, but this place was delicious!  Then on Tuesday, we had a yummy cake at our faculty meeting.  The PTA bought us lunch on Wednesday which was quite tasty (chicken salad on a croissant. Only this chicken salad had pineapple chunks. OH-MY-GOODNESS - I need to recreate this weekend!!!). Yesterday we got a gift card for Target from PTA! Definitely looking forward to using that this weekend! It's nice to receive gifts this week, but as a humble teacher, it's not necessary, but of course we all accept graciously! 
I'm looking forward to a fun weekend and a great first Mother's Day! :) I hope all you mama's out there enjoy your weekend! 
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  1. Hoarder: I am the opposite. I throw everything away, even sentimental things. My husband always likes to ask what happened to me as a child. Also, i love the dentist. So clearly something did happen to me as a child and I have been brainwashed!

  2. My mom works for a dentist office so growing up I never minded going to the dentist, though I was always so scared they'd say I had a cavity haha. Now that I live 14 hours away I had to go to a different dentist and while they were super nice I hated having to sit in the waiting room. I feel your pain on this.

  3. Just went to the dentist a few weeks ago. I one of those weirdos who goes every 4 months versus every 6 months. And I never get used to having to sit there forever waiting on an appointment. Which is why I carry a book with me everywhere.

  4. I feel like you may be my twin sister living somewhere and I didn't know I had a twin. I cry at the drop of a hat and also wear that vulnerable heart on both my arms like sleeve tattoos. It's hard to hide any emotions, especially when I am hurt. And the drill... that noise probably exists in the pits of hell. Hearing (just writing this and thinking about the drill) is making me nervous. And the flossing, I LOVE TO FLOSS in wild spurts. Especially after a visit to the dentist. I am so happy for the wonderful #5. Teachers deserve appreciation, BBQ and cake, that's pretty yummy! Really enjoyed this post except for the meanie who made you cry.

  5. I like to cry in secret as I pull such an ugly face when crying lol. Flossing is one of those things I know I should do but hate it so much I dont. I have not seen my dentist in over 3 years I know I should go soon.


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