Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday

Hello there weekend! :) Glad you're finally here! The countdown is on my friends... just three weeks from today is the last day of school! Can I get an Amen!?!?!

I've been a slacker blogger this week. I've had a wicked cold and just haven't felt like blogging. But I'm back! And just in time for Five on Friday!

Cough medicine with codeine is no joke. After coughing for three days, I decided to see my doctor on Wednesday. She prescribed a cough medicine with codeine and warned me it was possibly going to make me drowsy. I was having a tough time sleeping with all the coughing, so I welcomed this with open arms. Yesterday morning, while I was getting ready for work, I decided to take the cough medicine because I thought to myself, "how drowsy could I really get from it?". Umm.... #badnewsbears. I legit walked around work like a zombie. Try scanning seven classrooms for textbook inventory on that kind of medicine. 

I am ready for a shopping spree! My birthday is on the 26th and I've been getting coupons in the mail and in my e-mail like crazy! I think this weekend calls for a little shopping spree! I would like to get a few summer dresses and a new pair of sandals. Last summer, I treated myself to a very expensive pair of sandals and it was worth every penny! So this weekend, you'll find me at the mall!

We've had a few issues with our house lately and it's just about the most frustrating thing ever. Last month we had a leaky bathtub, which has left us with a new bathtub and holes in our wall from where they had to tear out the tile. We are shopping around for the best deal, so we currently do not have a master bathroom. We keep the door closed because it's so frustrating that we can't just dump loads of money into it. My husband and I do a great job saving money and I don't want to deplete our savings just on the bathroom. Hopefully soon we'll find someone to come fix the tiles. We can do the rest ourselves, we just have to find a handyman to do the tiles and drywall. Then last week we discovered a leaky roof on our patio. We're trying to do an insurance claim on the patio roof and the adjuster came out last week and we have yet to hear from him. Like really? Boo! Then this week, our air conditioning kept running even though it was at the temperature we set it to. We figured it was a faulty thermostat. The air conditioning repair man came out yesterday afternoon and said the thermostat is definitely the reason why we're having issues. HIs suggestion was to go to Home Depot and buy a new thermostat and install it ourselves. Why that suggestion? He was honest and said their company charges $439 for a new one. Say what!?!?! We will take his advice and install a new one. Until then, he gave us a few ideas on how to set our thermstate so it's not running and running. Prayers that nothing else goes wrong in our house! Yikes! 

Last weekend, I wrote about Mother's Day. Since I'm not into all the pomp and circumstance that comes along with Mother's Day (a card and snuggles would have been just fine for me), I never did a "Mother's Day" wish list. My husband knows me and I never give him a list. He knows me perfectly. Like PERFECTLY. So on Mother's Day, I opened a Pandora gift bag and opened a little black box that had two beautiful charms for my Pandora bracelet. One is a floral spacer and the other is a dangle Mother's Day card that says "We love you" and on the inside it says "Happy Mother's Day". My Pandora charm bracelet is probably my most valued "material" possession, other than my wedding band. For most holidays and my birthday, my husband buys me a charm or two. Each charm has a meaning and has a story. I wear it almost every day (if I don't wear it, I'm wearing my Alex and Ani bangles). He started the charm bracelet not long after we got engaged and I love adding charms to it throughout the year! 

I have a huge job this weekend. Transferring pictures from my iPhone to my laptop and my external hard drive. I'm really bad at keeping up with this. I usually end up doing it when I no longer have any free space on my phone. Every time this happens, I make a promise to myself that every weekend, I'll spend a few minutes and transfer the photos. Lies. Lies. Lies! haha! I have a few photo projects in mind so I really need to spend the weekend doing this. I mean face it, I take about 20 pictures a day, at least, so by the weekend, I have almost 140 pictures if not more. I mean, with a face this cute, how could I not capture every moment!?!?!

Well, with all of that being said, it's time to go enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  1. It sounds like you had an incredibly busy week! I was pretty terrible at keeping my photos and things backed up, too but now I use Carousel. It's part of dropbox, but basically you just open the app and it backs up all your photos to the cloud, and drag and dropping pictures from a folder on my computer when I think about it to the external is SO much more convenient than having to do the transfers manually. -- If you use my link to try it out you get some bonus space, but the default is 2GB a month. ...I usually remember to do photo dumps before the box fills up.

    Best of luck with all your weekend plans! [Love from LYBS.]

  2. I online shop all the time like the picture. I hate that I want so many expensive items!

  3. I love that picture, it's so true about online shopping! At least you can clowe rhw tab and not feel obliged to pay like you do in real life!

  4. Happy almost weekend, hope you're feeling better!

  5. Good luck with your weekend plans.

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon! Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Cough medicine during the day?! I bet you won't do that agin. LOL! I hope everything gets done in your house. Happy early birthday. Stacie xo

  8. Love this! five on friday is a great idea! x

  9. Great list.... "Teachers in May be like...." the best thing ever!! lol

  10. I hope your place doesn't have any more bad luck. And yes cough medicines with codeine is definitely a knock-out for me so I never take it during the day. You baby is so cute.

  11. It sounds like you've been busy. I do the same thing with online shopping, but when i'm in the store I go crazy! It's so sweet that you got a pandora bracelet, my mother loves those I get her a charm from time to time, I love the picture where the little one loos so confused/what's happening.


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