Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chicken Alfredo Pesto Pizza

This is seriously as delicious as it sounds. On Saturday, I had a craving for pizza but since I possibly have an ulcer, tomato-based sauce is out of the picture for a while. But this mama NEEDED pizza. So my husband and I got talking and he asked for alfredo pizza. I said sure, but only if I can make it a little different and add pesto to the sauce. He was game. And that sent me right into the kitchen to the store to get the ingredients.
Since it's always more fun to have pictures, I photographed the steps to make this deliciousness. I know - sometimes I have too much time on my hands. But when I have an awesome husband who bathes the baby and gives her a bedtime bottle, I'm able to wave my magic wand in the kitchen! Ha! 
Chicken Alfredo Pesto Pizza

 Yes. Alfredo is B-A-D. But anytime
we have a craving for it, I buy the Light version.
It's just as good and less fat and calories.

 Get. In. My. Belly,
Just give me a loaf of bread 
and this green goodness.

I figure I'd spare you a picture
of raw chicken. Just cook 
a chicken breast in the oven 
and then thinly slice it! 
 I'm all for premade pizza dough.
This one is oh-so-good!!!

Once your chicken has been cooked and sliced, set it aside. 

For one Boboli pizza shell, you'll need about 1/4 of the jar of alfredo sauce. Pour it into a sauce pan and then spoon in a few tablespoons of the yummy pesto.

Stir it up and then put on LOW on your stove until it warms up. Keep your eye on it so it doesn't burn. That makes for one messy and hard to clean pan! 

Once it's warm, pour some of it onto your pizza shell. Try not to just take the spoon and shove it in your mouth. It smells Ahhhhmazing!!!

Pizza is supposed to be super cheesy right? Well, toss on some mozzarella cheese. I used six-cheese Italian because well, I wanted to! 

I then strategically placed the chicken onto the saucy goodness. Yes. Strategically. You have to have equal chicken for each bite people! :)

Add on some more mozzarella cheese because you need that chicken to stick, right!?!?

Now you're ready to toss this pizza in a 450 degree oven. The Boboli directions say 8-10 minutes, but I did 12 because I like my pizza crispy! Once it's done, take it out, let it cool for a few minutes, and then slice! Enjoy!!!

Now that my friends, is some deliciousness right there. 

You're welcome.  Now run to the store now and get all of the ingredients!

You could also add some caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, steamed broccoli, etc. The possibilities are endless! I made just a plain one because I didn't even think to add onions until I was done making the pizza! 

Let me know if you make it and what personal spin you put on the ingredients!

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  1. That is looking so good right now!!! On a diet but I do get the chance to enjoy the odd meal so this is going straight into my recipe book to try at a later date...wonder if I could change it to a calzone??

  2. Oh for sure! I love calzones but never think to make them!

  3. Ahhhh chicken Alfredo pizza!?! This sounds absolutely delicious!! I so need to try this recipe out:)

    1. It's so easy too! :) You could also buy the chicken strips already cooked, but even the plain grilled ones have so much sodium!

  4. That looks wonderful! Pinned to make later :)

  5. This looks so easy and delicious.


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