Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Change is a good thing. I think.

I have a little bit less than three weeks until summer vacation. That means that I have a little bit less than three weeks at my current school. Come August, I will be a reading resource teacher at a different school in the county. It's a change I semi-expected once I returned from maternity leave this past October. My school was fortunate enough to have two reading resource teachers for the past two years but with budget cuts and wanting to ensure that all academic areas are covered, my position was cut. 
I received the news a few months ago and feverishly began searching for another job. 
Thankfully, I didn't have to look for too long before I was called for an interview and offered the job about a week later. 
Change is a good thing. 
I think.
I'm a creature of comfort. I like things to stay the same. I'm not a fan of change. Honestly, it kind of scares me.
Maybe it's the fear of not knowing anyone except one of the assistant principals at my new school.
Maybe it's the sadness of leaving behind a fantastic group of colleagues.
Or maybe it's the fact that so much in my life happened while at my current school.
I began working at Temple Terrace Elementary in August of 2010. It was my first year of teaching first grade. For the previous three years, I had taught third grade. During my first year there, I got engaged. 
During my second year there, I planned a wedding and got married that summer to the love of my life.
My third year was a big one - I decided to go back for my second masters degree - this time in Educational Leadership. My assistant principal at the time asked me all the time about it and I owe it to her for giving me the confidence to pursue getting degree in leadership. I also screened to become a reading resource teacher (I didn't tell many people I was doing this. In fact, the only people that knew was administration). I passed the screening and was given the green light to apply for positions but wanted to hold off for a while to get more experience.
My fourth year was my first year of a new position - AGP (gifted) teacher. That lasted all of a couple of weeks when I realized it wasn't for me. I took a chance early in the year and asked my principal if I could become a primary reading resource teacher since the kiddos in K-2 could use the extra support, just as our 3-5 students receive. After speaking with the district and expressing my passion for reading instruction, I became the primary reading resource teacher. In the middle of the school year, we were given the blessing of becoming pregnant and expecting our sweet baby girl. It was a looooong spring, but I made it through my first year of being a resource teacher!
My fifth year started off with me being nine-months pregnant and having just graduated with my masters in Educational Leadership. I still remember being larger than life on the first day of school and going into my office to do squats because I wanted the baby to come! I came back from maternity leave in October and ended up taking a second leave in November and December due to my sweet baby girl getting very ill and needing to be hospitalized. Upon returning to work in January, I knew things were different. I knew then that I would be changing schools. Things just felt different. I felt out of place. Maybe it's because I was missing my little munchkin. Maybe it was because I had missed so much of the school year.  Maybe it was because I felt kinda lost. 
So in those five years, I got engaged, married, started my masters degree, changed positions, got pregnant, graduated with my masters degree, and had a baby. Talk about life-changing events! 
How blessed am I to have all of these fantastic things happen all in one place. All with the same group of colleagues. Colleagues that I have learned a lot from. Colleagues that I will miss dearly next year. Colleagues that I know for sure I will be staying in contact with because they are just so knowledgeable. Colleagues that have been there for me this past year when Elizabeth got sick - always asking how she is doing, always thinking positive thoughts. Always there for me. 
But change is needed.
All I know is change is a good thing. 
I think. 
I managed to adapt well during my first year at Temple Terrace, so I know I will be just fine at my new school. Change is a hard thing. Change is stressful. But I need to spread my wings and fly a little bit to get more experience. It's time for me to start fresh. It's time for me to experience a new school.
Change is a good thing. 
I think.
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  1. Change is always a good thing. Who doesn't like to be comfortable? The problem is so many people, including me get comfortable and will never be happy or can not find their happy. I am also ready for a change, I can not wait to go after my dreams, even though it is scary but I know it will be worse if I don't make this change now and regret it later. Thanks for posting Laura!

  2. I don't know many people who embrace change easily, but I'm always glad when it does happen!

  3. Although changing jobs, school etc is not easy, it's a fresh start everyone needs in their life.

    Good luck with your new job.

  4. Change is a good thing! Your job change will be great! I am also a creature of habit though–sometimes the change is hard for me, but I generally always am thankful for it eventually.

  5. I couldn't agree with this post more! Yes we all would like to fall back into our comfort zone, but how will we ever move on to bigger and better things if we don't try new things?! Great post! (:


  6. I love change! It is a great time to purge all the bad stuff in my life!

  7. You'll do great! Sometimes we need a change like this to move forward. Embrace it!

  8. I can really relate to this post. I feel like I am going through so much change myself right now..moved in with my boyfriend, starting my Master's program in June, started a blog, working on the home, a new job...ahh you are right, change is sooo scary!! Best of luck with everything!!

  9. What wonderful memories at your old school. Hopefully many more happy memories come at the new school. It sounds like you make the most of each experience you have, and your optimistic attitude will carry you far.

  10. Replies
    1. I'll miss you too Lora! I'm going to be lost without you and Janet next year!!! I will be emailing you like crazy!!!


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