Monday, April 20, 2015

You Are Not Alone: Who You're Fighting With

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As I mentioned on my Sunday morning post, this is National Infertility Awareness Week. This is the week where women around the world should be sharing their stories of infertility and the quest to become a family. This is the week when women need to realize that they are not alone.

Remember, 1 in 8 couples have difficulty naturally conceiving a baby. That number seems to be increasing, at least with people in my life. It seems like I'm always hearing the emotional stories of friends, college and high school classmates, or friends of friends who are enduring this emotional battle. 

You are not alone.

Ever wonder and think how lucky celebrities are? They lead a royal life and then BAM!, they announce that they are expecting a baby. Well, to be honest - sometimes it doesn't happen that way - even for celebrities. Even those with millions of dollars sometimes have a battle with conceiving. 

So who am I referring to?

Well, if you're all caught up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (don't judge. I love that show. It's my way to relax!), you know Kim Kardashian is desperately seeking a second baby with Kayne. 

Sarah Jessica Parker is another. She and her husband Matthew Broderick ended up using a surrogate to carry her twins.

Giuliana Rancic has been very open with her struggle. Not only did she suffer a miscarriage, but she also is a cancer survivor. She and husband Bill Rancic have used a surrogate for their first son, but in a second attempt of IVF, her surrogate miscarried.

And then there is Celine Dion, Brooke Shields, and Mariah Carey.

So to those of you out there who are struggling with infertility. Remember, you are not alone
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  1. Great Post Lauren, and I can totally relate, due to medical reasons I have had troubles conceiving and unfortunately we don't have the money to look at other options. It's nice to hear sometimes that we are not alone :)

  2. Some dear friends of ours have been struggling with infertility, and thyroid problems and other health issues for years and years. It's so difficult to know how to walk through something so personal and difficult with people you love, but I think just conveying the message 'you are not alone' is a great place to start. Thanks :)

  3. I have several friends struggling with infertility! This is a very encouraging and uplifting post! Thank you for posting!!

  4. I love love love this. It's so true for so many things. I'm not ready for kids yet (and won't be for several more years), but I hope this is something I don't have to deal with when I am. But if it is, I'm glad to know I won't be alone.
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs

  5. What a brilliantly written article. It's a very difficult subject to discuss but yet so many people struggle often in silence or feel trapped. thank you for spreading awareness.xx

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