Thursday, April 2, 2015

Top Things I'm Loving This Thursday

Every time I go to Target, I spend the majority of the time in the baby aisles. It's like a vortex that just sucks you in! I no longer buy hair accessories for myself or cute little household decor. It's all baby, all the time.

If you know me personally, then you know I'm a complete germ-a-phob. I literally swim in hand sanitizer if I'm out in public and I'm constantly washing my hands at work. My hands are often very dry from this and sometimes I have cracked skin. Boo, hiss. 

I'm well aware that hand sanitizer is not baby safe, but I was looking for something that would clean JB's hands right when I pick her up from daycare and/or when we're out in public. Given JB's health record, keeping germs off of her is one of my top priorities. I love her daycare, but I know it's just a petri-dish of bacteria and other germs just waiting to get their little pores on JB. 

 I came across these Hand and Face wipes from Johnson and Johnson in the baby aisle at Target and after looking it over, reading the label, and reading reviews, I decided to toss two in my cart - one for the diaper bag and one for my purse (sometimes I don't carry a diaper bag with me - like on the days we go to the chiro, I just have my purse with me since we're only there a few minutes). 

They are little moist wipes that just smell like baby! And who doesn't love the smell of baby!?!?! They are easy to pull out (sometimes products that come in packages like this often don't come out well, sometimes resulting in more than one being pulled out). For $2.99, you get 25 wipes. Sounds like a good deal to me! Heck they smell so good, I used them once and they made my skin so, so, so soft! Plus they are gentle enough for a baby's face! 

Now I'm just on a hunt to find them in bulk - maybe I'll check out Sam's Club or Amazon.
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