Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is make dinner. I used to be really good with crock-pot meals and even making sure there are leftovers on the nights when I know Shaun is going to be out of town on business. Lately, I've been horrible with meal planning. 

On Sunday night, we had pizza and there are leftovers that I was planning on eating for dinner last night. But after binging on a chocolate chip muffin the size of my head for breakfast, I decided pizza probably wasn't the smartest decision. So, dinner last night?

Oh yes. Multigrain Cheerios for the win! 

But really, cereal for dinner isn't the most nutritious option out there. Honestly though, it's just so easy and it creates minimal dishes! Of course Multigrain Cheerios are one of the healthier cereals out there, it's still not all that filling. Having three bowls of cereal defeats the purpose right!?! Haha. If you're going to pig out, why not have something more filling! 

On Monday afternoon, I had the awesome idea to stop at Subway before I picked JB from from daycare. I didn't get it toasted and I asked for minimal amount of yellow mustard. When I got home, I tossed it in the fridge to keep fresh until our little snuggle bunny was sound asleep. Why has it taken me almost 8 months to get that idea? Like seriously!?!?! Once Elizabeth was sleeping, I enjoyed a healthy and filling dinner! Dinner for the win! 

Besides Subway (which isn't all that great for you either because of the sodium in the deli meat), there are quick dinner options that I just don't ever seem to think of at the moment when I'm standing in front of the refrigerator, completely clueless on what to make for dinner. 

Grilled cheese and tomato soup?
An omelet and a few slices of whole wheat toast? 
Baked chicken and a sweet potato?
A salad with chopped boiled egg for protein and lots of veggies? 

All good options. All quick and easy. All with minimal dishes and clean up. 

So maybe with some meal planning and following through with that meal plan not being lazy, I need to remember some of these options for those nights when it's the mama show! 

What are your favorite quick and easy dinner dishes? Share some ideas!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your meal ideas. I usually get home around half 7 and I am too tired to make proper meals which means I opt for something quick to make and usually unhealthy. I'll be sure to try some of your suggestions instead! Thanks again :)

  2. That was us last night. Just could not make a meal so we had pizza. Ug, frustrated with myself but sometimes you just can't help it, right?

  3. I think I have had all of those as quick dinners! I enjoy quick dinners, my hubby on the other hand would be asking...Where's the beef? ;)

  4. I'm all for quick and easy. My son always seems to be hungry when I feel like making nothing.

  5. We almost always end up ordering delivery when we're too lazy to cook. We've definitely been known to just crazy on chips and salsa though!

  6. Breakfast for dinner seems to be our g-to, quick and last minute dinner around here. Pasta also is an easy one, not that it's particularly healthy, but it's fast and I usually throw some veggies in with the cooking pasta so at least there's that. ;)

  7. My favorite lazy dinner is pre-packaged smoked salmon from Costco or the grocery store, good cheese, crackers, whatever fruit we have and maybe some carrot sticks---all spread out on our kitchen island. We just belly up to the counter and get our fill. :)

  8. I love cereal for dinner!! I am all the time eating the most unhealthy cereal I can find for dinner!! I didn't even think about grilled cheese! My normal go to (which is also not healthy) is SPAM cooked up in some pork n' beans and jalapeƱos!! Normally a fav!! Great post!

  9. I really like pulled pork! You just throw it in the crock pot in the morning and it's done for dinner! Great on buns or alone. :)
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs

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