Sunday, April 12, 2015

Naptime Blues: Help!

Naptime these days is a complete nightmare. JB has zero interest in wanting to nap. She sleeps really well at night (if she wakes up, it's usually only once and she has a bottle and goes back down. Last night it was twice, but both times it was an easy feed and she went right back to sleep). She's been up since 7am this morning and is fighting sleep like it's her job. She isn't over stimulated - she hasn't played with any musical toys, hasn't gone in jumper yet (my husband gave up trying to get her to sleep and just put her in there), and the tv and/or music hasn't been played. We let her play with a banana this morning while I was doing laundry and cleaning (Shaun was watching her) and then we fed her banana, blueberries, and oatmeal. She never wants a morning bottle (which is fine - she gets plenty during the day) so we often play first and then give her oatmeal and fruit. Since she was so messy, we gave her a bath but it was a quick one.
We had SUCH a struggle getting her to drink a 4oz bottle this morning (we had hoped it would make her sleepy). I don't mind that she's not on a schedule, but for the love of no naps! Ugh! As I write this post, she is crying in my husband's arms - she's tired but she just can't sleep! she is jumping in the jumper like she's the energizer bunny. She will of course fall asleep in our arms, but the second we put her down, she wakes up (she's an awesome fake sleeper). I don't want her to rely on us to fall asleep.
I know that she should be napping for at least a couple hours during the day - not just for our sanity, but for her growth and development. It's a struggle at daycare because there are other babies in the room and there's obviously no set "nap-time" for all the babies since they are all on different feeding schedules. There's obviously not much we can do about that (summer vacation is almost here and obviously being home will be a much quieter environment), but it's frustrating when she won't even nap on the weekends.
It's mind-boggling because some weekends, she'll take 2 really long naps and then some weekends, she doesn't sleep at all. Clearly getting the flu booster shot on Friday afternoon did not have any impact on her being fussy, tired, or fever-ish (thank God for that!!!). In fact, she's pretty much been wired all weekend! It's crazy! Yesterday she was up ALL day. She would occasionally fall asleep in our arms, so she did get some sleep, but not solid sleep.
It's looking like today it's going to be another day of no naps.
And to be honest, I'm already tired thinking about it.
And slightly frustrated.  

So, all you mama's out there - help! 

Is it because she's sleeping 11-12 hours at night?
Are we putting her to bed too early?
Are we not waking her up early enough in the morning?
Again, I'm not looking for her to be on a set schedule because it would be inconsistent since she's in daycare 5 days a week, plus if she's off schedule, it would probably stress me out.
I just need suggestions!
Am I a bad mommy for never being able to get her down for a nap?
Or do we just have a baby that doesn't need naps?
Either way, I'll take some suggestions! (Except the whole leaving the baby in the crib and walking away thing. This doesn't work when your baby has a helmet, especially when she will crawl around in crib, knocking her cute little helmet into the rails - obviously she's not going to fall asleep doing that!!!)
So, please help!!!
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