Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life is Hectic

Wow. What a weekend. What we thought was going to be a nice holiday weekend turned into my husband working 15 hours (and that was JUST on Easter Sunday). I had every intention of posting on Saturday about Elizabeth's Easter basket and then doing a recap this morning of our Easter, but my laptop wasn't turned on once the entire weekend. In fact, it hasn't been turned on since Thursday evening. So, as you can see, no blogging was done this past weekend. Why?

Because life is hectic.

But I love it. While there are times when I want to scream over my husband's crazy hours or when he tells me he has landed at the Tampa airport, only to turn on his work phone and find out he's already booked on another flight back out of town (yes, this happened last week). I often become nasty towards his ridiculous schedule and how frustrated I was that he was gone for almost 5 days straight.

And then I remember that life is hectic.

I was off on Friday because it was Good Friday. JB and I had started off the morning good - she took a mini-morning nap and it was perfect. I called her orthotist because Thursday evening she had a red mark from the helmet that was taking forever to go away. Her orthotist wanted us to come in right away, so that messed up her second nap of the day. After her appointment, I had to run into Target to get some baby formula because I had an idea that my husband wasn't going to be making it home. I'm not sure if that wired her or what but she was like the energizer bunny all afternoon. After struggling with non-stop playtime for hours, I quietly cheered on the inside  when she was asleep in her crib for the night. 

Saturday was wonderful. My husband made it back home late, late Friday night. We spent Saturday together and had so much fun. Then his work phone rang. He *almost* had to fly out that night. Oh the tears. Mini-meltdown. But, luckily it just made more sense to fly out at 5am on Easter morning. These new developments caused me to rush around to get a ham dinner in the oven.

Sunday he was off by 3:45am. Right as he was leaving JB woke up. Of course she did - she wanted to say goodbye to the dada. It was very sweet. Until 4:30 rolled around and she was STILL awake. Oh for the love baby girl! Once she fell back asleep, I crashed until 6am when she was WIDE awake. Woof. No rest for the mama. 

I'd go into more details, but you see where I'm going with this. Remember, she's our little no-nap ninja! 

Life is hectic.
Life is even more hectic with a baby. 
Life is REALLY hectic when you have a baby and a husband who travels for his job.

But you know what?
It's all worth it. 

Sure, I get irritated.
                                   I get frustrated.
                                                                I get sad because my husband is gone. 

But then I remember how blessed we are that he has a job that pays so well. That allows him to have most weekends off. A job that allows for him to have overtime.  A job that provides such good health insurance.  A job that pays our mortgage and my student loans. And most importantly, a job that he enjoys doing.

So yes, life is hectic when the dada is out of town on business. But those first moments when he gets home from a week of being away is priceless. JB literally crawled out of my hands and leaped onto the pillow when the front door opened last night when the dada got home. It melts my heart.  

I often have to remind myself that it's not the end of the world if he's gone a few days. Yes, he's missing time with Elizabeth and myself. But you know what? That's why we have modern technology - I'm constantly sending him pictures and we're always chatting on the phone. I tell him everything Elizabeth has done - what she ate for dinner. What we did during playtime. Even when she has a poopie diapee! :) He gets to hear all about our day, even when he's hundreds of miles away.

So, life is hectic, but in the end, everything works out just fine.
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