Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday

Can I get a woot-woot that it's the weekend!?!?! Man, these weeks of testing are L-O-N-G! Especially when there are testing delays due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our districts control. Regardless, the weekend is finally here and I couldn't be more excited!
Now for my five on Friday for this week!
My sweet little baby girl is officially a crawler. I'm so excited petrified that she's going to crash land and smack her head on the floor. Yes, she has a helmet, but I still don't want her to bump her head. Crawling isn't necessarily the issue - it's that she's already over it and just wants to stand up and walk. She's able to completely pull herself up in multiple ways - the pack and play, the playroom, the crib, and the couch. Once she's standing up, she lets go... Zoikes! Maybe I'll take my husband up on his idea to get her elbow and knee pads for cruisin' around the house!

How in the world is she going
to be 8 months next week!?!?!

I haven't been feeling well at all this week. In the early part of the week, I was nauseous at various parts of the day (nope, not pregnant!!!) and I can't figure it out. Then yesterday I had to run out of the testing room to use the ladies' room. Sorry for the TMI, but it happens to the best of us right!?!? I thought maybe it was a stomach bug, but luckily it went away in time for me to finish up testing and then head off-campus for my reading resource meeting. Add in the sinus headache I had earlier this week and you could say I'm a hot mess!!! 

State testing is officially over today. Thank goodness!!! I feel like our students have been taking tests for weeks! Oh wait, they have! Last week and this week it was 5th grade that was taking the state assessments. Reading and math were computer-based (I know, really!?!?!) and then yesterday and today they are taking pencil-and-paper science. I'm completely understanding of assessments, I am. But our students are in testing-overload! 

I got a pedicure on Wednesday and I enjoyed every moment of the pampering. I took a picture but it's blurry and I'm far too lazy to go grab my phone and take again. I love the nail place that I go to - I've recently discovered it and it's the best one I've been to besides the place where I go in Buffalo! I'm looking forward to going this weekend to get a manicure! I needed a bright spring color, so I opted for Essie color in Raspberry. For some reason, this picture doesn't really do it any justice! It's lovely for this time of year!

Image from

I officially have a new job for next year! I wanted to announce last week, but with transfer period not starting until this past Monday, I had to wait until the paperwork went through! I will be keeping my position as Reading Resource teacher (wooohooooo!!!!), but I will be changing schools. My new school is an ERT (Extended Reading Time) school, which means slightly longer hours and much more planning on my part, but I'm looking forward to the challenge and BIG change. Look for a post all about this new change next week on the blog! 

I hope you all have a phenomenal Friday!
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  1. That stage is frightening because you are always cringing thinking they are going to hit their heads. Ug! Makes you understand how the colonials used to make their little ones wear puddin' caps. Google it. They are funny looking.

  2. Congrats on the new job!! That's so exciting - love that nail color - gorgeous!!

  3. I need to get a yesterday! Hopefully it will happen this weekend.

  4. I haven't had my nails done (either type) for so long ... really need to get on that! That is a gorgeous colour! x

  5. Yay for getting a crawler! This is the best time! Enjoy! xx

  6. My Jackson was super active like that and I remember the time I saw him climb over the baby gate and get himself upstairs. Then he proceeded to slide down on his stomach. I thought I was going to throw up. Whereas my daughter did everything later and was content to do nothing, but she was the first so maybe not having someone to chase was the reason? Who knows, but Jackson.... oy. He's adventurous. HA!

  7. What a cutie!!!! I love that nail polish color, Essie is my favorite.

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