Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Hello there Fri-yay!!!! I’m looking forward to this weekend as soon as we get through one more day of work! Yippie!!!

Here’s my Five on Friday for this week!


Our bathroom tub is fixed! Last week we discovered water in our bathroom and after investigating, we realized it was coming from our bathtub. It was a mega repair, which resulted in a new bathtub. We can’t just have a new bathtub and have an old outdated vanity, so now we’re just going to redo the rest of the room! My husband has given me the green light to look at vanity designs as well as paint colors and I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to redo our master bathroom since it’s the only room in the house that wasn’t updated by whoever flipped the house prior to us purchasing. So this weekend we will be going to Home Depot and Lowe’s to check out bathroom vanities as well as light fixtures and mirrors! Bring on the bathroom renovation! Property Brothers, we need you!


My parents were here this week and it’s been fantastic. They’ve been watching JB while my husband and I were at work. JB has given them a run for their money! Apparently she’s a no-nap ninja for them too! My dad had to take her helmet off, put her in the stroller, and take her for a walk outside for TWO days in a row just to get her to take a mini nap. The struggle! LOL! But I love that they’ve been able to spend the week with her. They were worried that JB would be weird around them, but she loves them! They leave this evening and I already miss them! I’m not sure when their next visit is, but I know I’m counting down the days until our trip to Buffalo this summer!


JB is close to being dismissed from her Physical Therapy! I’m so happy that we got her into therapy to help her slight head tilt and torticollis. Neither of these issues were noticeable by most people, but with all the research that I had done prior to her receiving her cranial band (helmet), I knew she would benefit from the physical therapy. If things continue to progress in the right direction, her physical therapist said in the next two weeks that we might be able to discontinue the sessions! The physical therapist is very pleased with her progress and so are we! 


I bought iced coffee every morning this week. I am so bad! LOL! I am just so obsessed! My favorite is Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with cream and just two pumps of the caramel swirl. So yummy. I used to not specify just two pumps but one day last week I ordered one and it was literally half caramel swirl and way. too. sweet. Perhaps I should reconsider buying a Keurig so I can make my own iced coffee. It sure would be cheaper! 


I love my cat. I am a serious cat lady. She is legit obsessed with me and I soak up every moment of her laying on top of me at night and then meowing in my face in the morning. Lately she’s been tapping me with her paw when our alarm goes off. She’s just so cute! I usually end up on my husband’s side of the bed because our pretty little kitty completely takes over my side of the bed. But guess what? I totally let her do it because she keeps me warm at night! Haha! 

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  1. Yes, I would totally love to have property brother do our bathroom, too! Keurig would be cheaper than buying your own iced coffee each morning, I just can't do a keurig because I like to make more than one cup at a time :)

  2. Yay for updating the bathroom! boo for the leak.
    mmm iced coffee!! It's a problem. A yummy one though.


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