Friday, April 10, 2015

Five on Friday

I feel like a slacker blogger for this not being posted until Friday night. Last night I was just too tired to blog and before bed, I told my husband I was going to get up at 5am, have a cup of coffee, and blog. Um. Okay. That so didn't happen.


So, better late than never, here's my five on Friday! :)
My parents are in town! They arrived yesterday evening and will be staying with my brother and his girlfriend until Sunday. I met them last night for dinner (Shaun was on daddy-duty) and it was wonderful to see them. It's awful having parents so far away! I haven't seen them since Christmas Tomorrow we are meeting them out for a birthday dinner for my dad (shhh, it's a surprise!) and I can't wait. Italian food? Wine? I'm in! 

There are less than two months until summer vacation. I am so excited! It's been really hard getting up in the morning for work lately, so I just have to keep reminding myself that we're almost finished with the 2014-2015 school year! I still have no idea where I'll be teaching next year, but I say prayers every night that God will bless me with a fantastic job beginning in August! 
Elizabeth slept through the night for the past three nights! She is usually our champion sleeper at night, but every now and again, she gets into this rut where she wakes up every night. The time varies - anywhere from midnight to three AM. It was amazing to wake up Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and realize that she slept perfectly! :) Here's to hoping for more solid nights of sleep! (We're nervous about tonight since she had her booster flu shot - we're going to have to get her up in a few hours to give Motrin since she always gets a fever from shots.)
Home-ownership sucks sometimes. Our master bathtub is leaking. Who knows what's wrong with it. My husband is looking up plumbers right now. Thankfully, my parents are in town and they will be here all week long so it doesn't matter what day the plumber comes. We're hoping it's nothing major, but I'm guessing it's a pipe that has rusted. I already told my husband it's going to be expensive and we may we well just redo the whole bathroom while we're at it! Somehow he wasn't amused...
Cleaning. Organizing. Cleaning. Organizing. Yep. I said each one twice. That's to emphasize the work we have to do tomorrow before my parents get here. This place is insanely messy and my parents would freak out if they saw it. Heck, I freak out when I see it but I'm too tired to clean. I'd rather blog! Bahahaha! But for real, with the exception of hanging out with baby JB tomorrow, mama and dada will be spending the day cleaning! 
 I'll catch up with you guys later this weekend!
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  1. I am the same way! Any time that someone is coming over to my house, it doesn't matter who it is, I have to clean the whole thing from top to bottom! Lol

  2. Love the fact that by having company over it forces us to clean! :)

  3. What a busy week you have going on! Life sometimes seems like it is one thing after another! Hope you find so time this weekend to break away from the parents and the leaking tub and go get a cup of coffee with a pastry by yourself for an hour! Happy weekend!

  4. I too have to clean my apartment whenever anyone comes over! Cleaning is such a thankless job too! People know why you have cleaned, but they don't say anything, and they TOTALLY comment on the mess when you haven't cleaned!! I am feeling you Lady! Great post!

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