Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To My Sweet Elizabeth

Dear My Sweet Elizabeth,
In just a few short days, you will be turning seven months old. I still pinch myself sometimes to make sure this all isn't just a big dream. Your daddy and I prayed for you so hard. We wanted to be blessed with a baby so badly, and we finally got our wish. We spent the entire pregnancy so full of love for you. Every time we got to see you during a sonogram, our hearts grew bigger for you. We said prayers for you every night that you would continue to grow (We would say, "grow Jelly Bean, grow"). You made sure you kicked mommy every night before bed and it always made me fall asleep with happy thoughts.
On August 28th, the day you graced the world with your presence, we knew that our lives were just beginning. I remember holding you in my arms for the first time, just overwhelmed with love and joy. It was a moment that I won't ever forget. It's a moment that someday, you'll have with a baby of your own. It's a moment that every woman deserves. It's a moment that was created for us, by God.
Flash forward almost seven months later. You have mommy and daddy wrapped around your perfect little finger.  From the second we put you down in your crib at night, until the moment we wake you up in the morning, you are on our minds. We stare at the baby monitor, watching your little body go up and down with each breath you take. We watch you wiggle around and get comfortable. We hear you sighing. We hear you let out little cries that make us jump up and want to run into the nursery and pick you up.  Seven months of wanting to just sit and stare at you while you have sweet dreams. Nothing is sweeter than when you smile while you're dreaming. I told daddy a few nights ago that I wish I could curl up next to you in your crib. You are just so snuggly.
Every day you are growing and becoming stronger. In what seems like seconds, you've learned to sit up by yourself, scoot backwards and forwards, rock back and forth on your hands and knees, and you have just started to pull yourself up into a standing position. You started saying 'dada' last week and it was one of the best moments. Mommy and daddy were so excited. Daddy was even more excited because you said 'dada' first. In fact, you think everything is 'dada' and it is the cutest thing ever.  I have always loved hearing you babble, but hearing you say 'dada' is like a moment of pure love. A moment of perfection. 
I can't believe you're already seven months. It seems like just yesterday that we were feeding you just two-ounce bottles every couple of hours. Now you're drinking 6-8 ounce bottles 4-5 times a day and love baby food. One of your favorites is bananas. You like them so much that you grunt and cry when the bowl is empty. You also love sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and pears. Daddy loves feeding you and letting you get messy. Mommy isn't quite ready for the mess yet, so you already know to be on your best behavior when mommy is feeding you. 
In seven short months, you've taught me so much...
You've taught me unconditional love.
You've taught me to listen to my inner thoughts and to follow my instincts. You've taught me to have trust in my decisions as a mommy. We call this that "feeling-in-your-gut mama instinct". You'll eventually learn what I mean by this.
You've taught me that smiling and giggling cures anything.
You've taught me about patience. (Someday I'll tell you all about why you were nicknamed our "no-nap ninja".)
You've taught me the importance about enjoying the moments as they occur - to live in the present.
You've taught me to take one day at a time. To relax. To remember the important things. To remember that it's okay to not know the answer or to be unsure with what we're doing sometimes. 

You've taught me that being a mom is the best job I've ever had. That although there are days when I go to bed exhausted, I simply cannot wait to wake up and give you good morning kisses.

You've taught me more than I'll ever to be able to express to you.

And yet you're only just turning seven months old.

I love you baby girl. Today. Tomorrow. Always and forever.

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