Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sweet Saturday Series ~ Midweek Date Nights

Last Monday morning, I put the surprise cd in my husband's car. He was in complete and utter surprise by it! He sent me this text in the morning once he had gotten into his car.


Yes. I call him The Dada... It's a joke we've had since JB was about a month old. He's The Dada and I'm "The Mama". I know, we're nuts.

I'm lucky I was even able to make that CD - we lost power twice during my attempt to download the songs (legally of course) and burn them onto a CD. But, everything worked out perfectly and now he has a beautiful CD of songs that tell him how much I love him! Sigh. Such a romantic, aren't I? 
So onto the second edition of my Sweet Saturday Series: Midweek Date Nights
We typcially don't go on a lot of dates because we like being at home. Not to mention, I hate having to find someone to watch JB. We'd both rather just stay home and hang out with our little princess.  Attachment issues much!?!? I don't think it's so much my husband, but I get kinda anxious when I'm not around my little Lizzie Lou. I'm always wondering how she's doing, if she's fussy, if she's happy and playing, if she drank her bottle, etc. And no, don't you dare tell me to "Let it Go", LOL. She's already growing so quickly that I do want to be home with her, watching her grow! 
I've discovered though the joy of doing a midweek date night, at home! It all works out once our little peanut goes to bed! She's typically in bed by 7:30, which means we have a couple of hours before we head to bed to do some sort of an at-home date night! 
Over the weekend, I had a need to watch the movie The Skulls. Shush. Don't judge. We planned an evening to watch it, we bought special drinks, had popcorn, but couldn't find the DVD. Apparently neither one of us own it, even though we thought we did. I ended up ordering it on Amazon Prime Sunday night and it arrived Wednesday afternoon! Score!
Once our little peanut went to bed on Wednesday evening, we popped in the movie, grabbed some popcorn, and got ready to watch the movie. We even put away our laptops and our cell phones. It was perfect! I actually enjoyed an evening away from being on Facebook and IG. Don't get me wrong, I love social media...but I needed a break. After the movie, we went to bed and we were talking about how awesome it was to just enjoy a movie without the clicking of laptop keys or the chime of a cell phone text message.

How often do you and your significant other put away your cell phones, tablets, and laptops and truly just spend time together, without interruption from the outside world?

 Stay tuned next Saturday for another edition of my Sweet Saturday Series!  post signature

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