Thursday, March 19, 2015

Splenda: Why I Quit Eating It

On any given day, I do my best to make healthy choices with the food I'm eating. (Fellow teachers, you know that this is nearly impossible though during spring testing season, so I'll be hitting it HARD at the gym this weekend). I've done amazing this week with drinking water. Every day at work, I've consumed 64 ounces of water and I literally pee like a pregnant woman! Ha! 
Even a few years ago when I changed my lifestyle to one that was full of fruits and vegetables, less fatty foods, and way more exercise, BUT I had a lot of foods with sucralose and aspartame. I know. It's bad. I now realize that, which is the reason behind this post.
Honestly, it wasn't until I was getting headaches almost daily that I decided to eliminate these artificial sweeteners from my diet. I wasn't using Splenda packets that often, but I would always order my drinks "Skinny" from Starbucks, which consists of the sugar-free syrups. I would also drink diet caffeinated beverages quite frequently. A lot of the yogurt I ate also had these sweeteners. It also didn't help that during the last trimester of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed misdiagnosed with gestational diabetes, so I often had sugar-free pudding. Looking back, I was consuming a lot of these products.
Too many of these products.
Right after the holidays in December, I told my husband I was eliminating all artificial sweeteners from my diet. I explained that I was tired of the headaches and that they ALL couldn't be sinus related. I have coffee every morning, but I use regular sugar. My drinks from Starbucks? Regular syrup and I just cut the calories by having less pumps and by having skim milk instead of whole. Soda? I rarely drink it, but when I do, I have a small glass of my husband's Dr. Pepper or Root Beer. My yogurt is aspartame and sucralose free, as is the rest of the food I eat.
Guess what?
No headaches. Well, just sinus headaches. 
I've literally had two headaches since January 1st - both sinus and/or tension related.
To be honest, I haven't done a lot of research on aspartame and sucralose because I know it's a chemical nightmare. It's pretty much poison. From the research I've done, it's pretty much like ingesting chlorinated pesticides like DDT. Even the FDA states that sucralose is 98% pure. But my question is what's in that other 2%, which could be causing other health concerns like headaches? Not to mention that it has been found to decrease the effectiveness in medicines such as cancer-treating drugs. Oh yes, and obviously it releases toxins into your body.

Obviously I can't take back the artificial sweeteners I've consumed thus far in my life. But I can certainly stop consuming it. I for one am enjoying the afternoons without pounding headaches!

Do you use artificial sweetners?
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