Monday, March 9, 2015

Seven Day Fitness Challenge

Last Friday, the faculty at my school played our annual Faculty Kick Ball Game to raise money for the Relay for Life. It was such a fun game - I love seeing the kids so excited to watch their teachers run around like nuts! Plus, it always raises a ton of money for our school's Relay for Life team. It was such a good game. Our team killed it in the first inning but nearly lost the game. Luckily we pulled off a win by one run. I made it around the bases a few times and made it home twice! :) 
As I was driving to JB's appointment with the orthotist to make adjustments for her helmet on Friday afternoon, I realized that my legs were becoming more and more sore. Specifically, my thighs and upper legs. I made a joke about it on FB saying how out of shape I was but apparently I wasn't the only person on my team to be sore, which made me feel a little bit better. After thinking about the game and how I really shouldn't be sore from a 45-minute kickball game, I decided I needed to step it up and get back into my fitness routine.
Several years ago, I began living a healthy lifestyle. I worked out once, sometimes twice a day and I watched every morsel of food that went into my mouth. I went from 211 pounds down to a measly 97 (I realize now I had a problem but I bounced back into a normal weight once my husband and I decided to try for a baby). Even during my pregnancy, I was able to do a 30 minute cardio routine without even busting a sweat or getting out of breath. To me, running in a kickball game and becoming this sore was unacceptable. 
So, with all of this in mind, I decided to create a seven-day fitness challenge to jump start my desire to get back into shape. I've already lost all my pre-pregnancy weight - I did that in the first week after having Elizabeth. I just want to get into shape and lose another 10 pounds.  But honestly, working out is hard these days. Sure, I could go after work before I pick JB up from daycare, but by the time I leave work, all I want to do is go get her so we can play. But, as much as I want to play with her - getting back into shape is very important. Getting back to my heavy weight is not an option and if I can workout almost every single day of my pregnancy, then surely I can do it now. I have to make the time. I want Elizabeth to grow up knowing how important fitness is and that eating right is a must! 
My seven-day fitness challenge is nothing major. It's just the beginning - a way to ease my way back into things.  I thought of doing Shakeology and p90x, but our budget is tight right now, so I have to make do with the resources that I have - a membership to LA Fitness, workout DVDs, YouTube workouts, yoga ball, weights, and a stroller so I can take JB for walks outside. My goal is to be active in some way every day, increase my water intake, and be mindful of what I'm eating. Dove Dark Chocolate? Not on the list for mindful eating. 

Here's what I'm hoping my week is going to look like:

Sunday - I worked out yesterday at the gym for 30 minutes. I did intervals. I warmed up and then jogged for a couple of minutes. If I wasn't jogging, I was walking at a moderate incline. When I got tired, I bumped the speed down to 3.8 and just walked! I felt so good the entire time. I was completely out of breath, but it felt amazing. I had completely forgotten how stress-relieving working out is.
Monday -  Once JB is in bed for the night, I plan on doing a workout routine at home using my yoga ball. Crunches and weights is my goal.
Tuesday - My husband took the day off, which will allow me to do a morning workout at the gym. I plan on doing 30 minutes of cardio and maybe a few minutes on the other machines. 
Wednesday - Before we get JB up in the morning, I plan on repeating my yoga ball routine from Monday. Not sure if I'll make it to the gym in the evening because my husband might be out of town on business.
Thursday - Jillian Michael's AB workout DVD. Pretty sure I'll be dying after that.
Friday -  Shopping and working out together! Not sure if I'll push JB in the stroller or use the Ergo, but I have a few things I'd like to pick up from the mall, so I plan on spending a few extra minutes walking the mall!
Saturday - Back to the gym. Only this time, a 45-minute cardio routine is planned.

Sunday - Repeat 45-minute cardio routine at gym. 
As far as losing weight, I'm at a healthy weight now. But I do want to lose 10 pounds before my birthday at the end of May. I think that's a reasonable goal. I will strive for eating healthier and being more active!
One major goal this week is to increase my water intake. I'm doing such a poor job lately of staying hydrated. I typically have an iced coffee in the morning, a bottle of water at work, and that's pretty much all I drink during the day. Yikes. I know there are apps out there for tracking water, so I might have to do that. I remember over the summer when I was pregnant, I would have a board on my refrigerator at home where I would write a tally mark every time I finished an 8-ounce glass of water. Man did I drink a lot of water then! :) Obviously it helped because I had zero swelling during my entire pregnancy! Score!

So, I will keep you guys posted throughout the week on how I'm doing on this seven-day fitness challenge. Again, my goal isn't to drop weight rapidly. I just want to get back my stamina for working out and feeling good! :)
Have a great Monday! 

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