Saturday, March 7, 2015

Nap Time Confessions

Nap time around here is far and few between. JB has never been a good napper, minus when she was first born and all I did was worry because slept all. day. long.  Even daycare struggles to get her to nap - usually all she does is 2-4 30 minute naps. But when she is able to take a decent nap, I try to get things done around the house. Except today. Today is just a lazy day. It's gloomy out. It's chilly. And to be honest, I don't have any intentions of getting out of my pajamas today. Well, actually maybe I'll get out of my pajamas and put on my comfy yoga pants. Face it, yoga pants are where it's at if you're a mommy. All comfort, all the time. 
So, as I sit here, not doing any housework, I have a few confessions I need to make. No, I didn't commit a crime. No I didn't do anything horrible. Just a few things I want to confess.
Confession #1 - The guest bed is still not made from when Shaun slept there last week when he was sick. Is it wrong of me to just leave it until he realizes he needs to put the sheets in the washing machine? He's been gone a good part of this week, so I feel he obviously wasn't able to get the message that HE needs to put the sheets into the washing machine. Am I a bad wife? For real though - I have a pet peeve of not making the bed that surely I thought I had corrected once we started living together. Guess not! No worries, before he returns tomorrow from his awful, awful week of being gone, they will be washed and put back onto the bed. I simply cannot look at the mess anymore.
Confession #2 - I have a problem. A big, big problem. It's called "I-can't-stop-eating-chocolate" problem. I bought a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs last weekend and there are only a few left. Now I know my mother-in-law ate a few last night when she came over, but the rest are in. my. belly. I don't know why I just don't seem to have any control over my intake of chocolate lately. It has to stop!
Confession #3 - I want a mommy's day out. I LOVE being a mommy. There's just something about taking care of a little being that is just amazing. Especially when that little being was inside of my belly. But for real -  I want a mommy's day out. I'm talking manicure, pedicure, massage, and maybe some shopping. During one of my weak mommy moments this week, I even thought of how much I'd like an overnight in a beautiful hotel, with an indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi in my suite, room service, movies, and wine. And I want it to just. be. me. I'm awful aren't I? But I'm a real mommy. One who doesn't just say how wonderful and perfect life as a mommy is. Especially being a working mommy. It's literally double the work, plus it's HARD when my husband is gone all week. Especially when he drops the ball that he'll be gone next week too. So, can I get a free ticket to a mommy spa?
Well, now that JB has been sleeping for two hours, I'm going to go at least brush my teeth because she will be waking up any second for a bottle. And given the fact that she just gave me a beautiful, peaceful two hour nap - she will without a doubt be a no-nap ninja the rest of the day. 
Look at how cute and sleepy she is...
Enjoy your weekend! 
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  1. Definitely not an awful mom for wanting a day or night out. I am counting down the days til a trip with my hubby! Loved all the confessions!


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