Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday

Why hello there Fri-yay! :) Glad you're back! This week actually went by surprisingly fast - especially the beginning part of the week! I hope you all had a great week and are as excited as I am that it's time for Five on Friday!
We almost have a crawler. I'm amazed at how determined Elizabeth is to surprise mommy and daddy with all these milestones. It seems like she's slightly ahead of the game with some of her milestones, and well, I'm perfectly fine with that! :) I call her my little gifted baby! Ha! But for real - yesterday afternoon, we were on our bed after I changed her diapee (because all the cool moms call it a diapee instead of a diaper) and she was up on all fours. She actually moved her right knee forward and did a semi-crawl, but then face-planted. Man, I wish I could embed some emojicons right here... LOL - picture the one with the smile and the tears dripping down the face. She then wanted to be a show-off and stand with her little walker - I had it pushed against the wall so it would balance her. She only managed to stay up long enough for me to snap a quick pic and then I caught her as she started to fall. Falling by the way is waaaaaaay less stressful with a little baby helmet! 

I've NAILED it with water consumption this week. I am loving the fruit-infused water and have been trying out different combinations. So far, my favorite is the raspberry and lemon! Even my students are intrigued by my water bottle every day and it's a great way to teach them about the important of drinking water! I've had 64 ounces of water almost every day this week! 

Over the past few weeks, I've been trying so hard to relax and to not worry over the small stuff. I've done a pretty good job at not freaking out when something doesn't go the way it's supposed to. I came across this yesterday and it made me want to work even harder on less-worrying, less-stressing, and more just enjoying life for what it is because we have to Trust in God. Preach, right???

It's blazing-hot already in Florida and it's only the first day of Spring. I love Florida winters, but they are just never long enough. I would love to live in an area where it's low 70s 24/7. It's awful when running errands makes you all sweaty! It was pretty toasty last week too over spring break, so JB and I pretty much spent the week indoors. It's too hot for her to be outside with a helmet on. Last Thursday we went to a shopping plaza and just going from one store to another store made her ridiculously sweaty. I had to rip off her pants once we got back to the car so that when she was in her car seat, she wouldn't overheat. Thank goodness this whole helmet thing *should* be over before the real heat begins this summer. From now until like November is just gross here in Florida. Yuck. If you're looking for me, I'll be inside, in the air-conditioning and not anywhere close to being outside. Boo, hiss.

Pinterest. Oh Pinterest. Lately I've avoided going on the site because my boards overwhelm me. I have so, so, so many boards and I literally don't cook, bake, or do ANY of it. I had to start somewhere with deleting things, so I decided to delete my teaching boards. Yes, I'm still teaching, but I rarely, rarely ever use things online. I pretty much just use leveled-readers with my kiddos because that's what the district has directed us to do. I mean, I had a TON of boards for teaching - ranging from Dental Health units when I taught First Grade, to Differentiated Instruction boards for when I was the AGP teacher for a hot five seconds, to boards on literacy centers, reading strategies, etc. I figured that if (and when) I need to find something on Pinterest for teaching, I'll start a new board of things that I'll actually use again and again. I have a ton more boards I want to organize - I have a few different baby boards (one was a secret from when we found out I was pregnant but it was too early to announce) as well as wedding boards. Do I just delete the wedding boards? Isn't that bad luck or something?

So tell me, all you bloggers who are on Pinterest - how many boards do you have? Do you use all of them? Do you bake/make/cook whatever you pin right away? I need a new strategy! Ha! 

Have a fabulous Friday everyone! Catch you over the weekend!

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  1. I've thought about deleting boards and cleaning up the pinterest clutter, but I rarely do anything about it. Sounds like you've had a great week!

  2. It was life-changing to delete boards! Ha!


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