Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Fri-Yay! Or to any teacher who has been on spring break this week, happy-last-day-of-freedom! I cannot believe how fast this week went. Why doesn't the work week go by this fast? How rude! ;)
It's been a wonderful and relaxing week. Well, as relaxing as things can get with a 6.5 month old (for real - how is she already halfway through being six months!?!?) who doesn't nap, wants to be mobile, but is just the most adorable thing ever??? I honestly haven't relaxed all that much - but it's been wonderful just being home and not having to go to work.
Anywho, it's Friday which means time for Five on Friday! 
I'm not sure how many of you out there who are reading this live in Florida, but if you do - can you explain what's up with the pollen this year? I literally cannot get from the front door of my house to my car without pollen falling on me, in my purse, or all over my car. Sigh. We've actually barely left the house this week because I have such an allergic reaction to the pollen. I've worn contacts like twice in the past few weeks because the thought of putting my fingers to my eyes immediately sends goosebumps down my arm and my eyes get all itchy. I know it's a sign that Spring is here, but boo hiss to the pollen! My itchy eyes and runny nose hate you! Oh and I'm pretty sure my white SUV has a permanent layer of yellow muck.
Networking. Networking is the name of the game when you're attempting to be a blogger and actually have people other than your family members read your posts. To help me out with that, I joined The Blog Love Project on Facebook. Sigh - just what I need - more time on Facebook. But for real though, since joining, I've already had a bunch of fellow bloggers following me on Instagram and my blog views have gone up! Woot woot! I love reading other blogs because it's awesome to hear about other mommies or foodies. Or even just regular women who just want to blog about their lives! It really motivates me to keep up with my posts! I actually found out about The Blog Love Project through a fellow blogger that I follow on Instagram. Isn't it amazing how social networking works???

While our little JB is a no-nap ninja during the day, she has been a rockstar sleeper all week long. I'm talking asleep by 7:15-7:30 in the evening and stays asleep until 6:45-7:15 in the morning. There have been times in the past where my husband has gotten up to feed her because she was fussing in the crib, so I honestly thought that was the case this week. But every morning, the first things out of my mouth are "Did she sleep through the night", LOL! For some reason, when my husband is in town, I tune out her cute cooing noises throughout the night and even her cries. It's bizarre. But when my husband is gone on business, boy do I hear every single noise she makes! Regardless, I have LOVED the perfect night sleep this week! She has always been a good sleeper at night, but whenever she's gotten sick (like both times she was hospitalized in the fall), her sleeping got all messed up. Then when she got her helmet a month ago, she woke up in the middle of the night every. single. night. Glad that ship has sailed! Ha! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this awesome sleep continues. What would be even more awesome is if she's going through a growth spurt. I'm anxiously awaiting these growth spurts to see if it will end our helmet therapy early! Grow baby grow! 
I'm on the hunt for a new spring nail polish color. I'm going to be going this weekend for a pedicure, so I'd love the suggestions! I'm kinda over the french-manicure look, but there's just something about it that always sucks me back in. I was on the Nordstrom website and came across these. I think I love the Flowerista one! That shade of pink is perfect and screams Spring! 
 Spring 2015 Mini Four Pack

I'm in the mood to cook. I'm talking homemade sauce and meatballs. Or maybe homemade chicken noodle soup. Or even perhaps lasagna. I'm on the lookout for good recipes for hearty meals since my husband will be home all weekend. I've been such a slacker wife lately with cooking. On Tuesday I made Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf which was so tasty and I know it was much appreciated. I need to get back with meal planning and sticking to it. We haven't really done take-out this week but he's been home from work late a few days, which means he's usually stuck with leftovers. But hey, I suppose leftovers are better than what I had last night - a PB&J sammie, pizza Goldfish, and strawberries. In my defense though, we were unsure this week if he was going to be home in the evenings and that's why I didn't stick to our meal plan. But come this weekend, I will be cooking dinner both nights and perhaps even for the early part of next week! Check back later this weekend to see what I whipped up in the kitchen! 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 

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    1. I think my husband would approve! But making that will also involve homemade sauce, haha! I love cooking though!


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