Sunday, March 1, 2015

Enlightened Sunday Morning

I love Sundays because it means that we get to stay home and spend the entire day as a family of three. We do have the usual Sunday chores - laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping, but it's nice to just spend the day at home and not have any real plans to go anywhere.
This morning I left for church at 8:45am and JB and the dada were sleeping in our bed. I was washing the crib mattress protector which meant that we didn't want JB in the crib for her morning nap. She always sleeps like a champ next to Shaun, so I left and they were both sleeping like little angels! Much to my surprise, when I got home at 10, she was still sleeping! I quietly went into the room around 10:20 to make sure she wasn't getting too warm with the blanket on (helmets and blankets don't go too well together), but when I walked in there, she was just starting to wake up. She is just so adorable when she's first waking up. '
So right now, the dada is feeding her a monster bottle since she's behind on feedings today - but honestly, I'm not worried - she needed that long nap!  Although I'll admit, she's doing a lot of playing around, so I'm not sure why she doesn't want to have her bottle. Perhaps it's because the dada has the television on and it's probably distracting her. Oye.
But back to the purpose of this post...

The sermon at church was AMAZING today. To be honest, most of the time, the priest loses me during his homily. But today, I apparently had my listening ears on and I heard every. single. word. What stuck out to me? Two things:

"Life is difficult, but God is good."


"LENT stands for Let's Eliminate Negative Thinking."

Preach! It's almost like the priest was talking directly to me! I zoned in on his conversation and pretended that I was the only one at church. I soaked in all of God's glory in that homily, since life has been overly stressful lately. It's true, life is difficult. But what's more important is that God is good. Normally I don't get all religious-like because I do keep my faith private, but I felt it was important to make the connection from my every day worries to what the priest was talking about this morning. I've actually done a good job this week keeping in mind that some things in life are completely out of my control, so why even bother worrying about them? There's two boxes you can put your worries - one box is a colorful one, one in which you can make a plan to overcome the worries and address them if it's possible that they can be fixed. The other box is a black one, one in which you can't do anything about - one where you can just put your worries and pray to God for guidance to get through them. Honestly, a lot of my worries should be going into the black box since they are out of my hands. Again, life is difficult, but God is good".

In addition to this God is good thing, the priest went on to tie everything together with Lent since we are now in the second week. Being a Catholic (I try to be a good, practicing Catholic), Lent has been ingrained into my being for 30 years. It has always been a time of sacrifice, remembering what Jesus did for us. Remembering the sacrifice he made. But the priest this morning explained that Lent stands for "Let's Eliminate Negative Thinking". Again - PREACH! Me? Negative thinking? Oh yes. I do a lot of the whole "poor-me" and "why do bad things keep happening to us" thinking. Well, who knows the answer to that question. What I should be asking myself instead of is "how can we deal with this and move on?" and "how can we put a positive spin on this?". It's hard. But it's something that I'm actively working towards. My husband is such a positive thinker, so I'm trying to channel his optimistic attitude when I'm feel like I have no control over things. But it's true, we don't have any control, it's all up to God. And I need to learn to learn to have FAITH in his work. 
Perhaps I'll spend the next week chanting that "Life is difficult, but God is good" and "Let's eliminate negative thinking"...

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