Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easy Peasy Italian Chicken Bake

I'm all for spending the weekend cooking in the kitchen. I love it. But after making 96 ounces of baby food and a batch of Banana Nut muffins, I was beat on Sunday afternoon. Since I try my best to cook homemade dinners over the weekend, I knew I had to whip something up for my husband and I. 
I went onto Pinterest and did a search of "easy chicken". We both love chicken (I could eat it every night and completely never have red meat again). I came acoss Italian Chicken Bake from fellow blogger The Pinning Mama. I showed the picture to my husband and honestly, he looked less than thrilled at first. I told him that I promised him he'd like it (I knew I would LOVE it, so I knew I had to make it). 
It was a really simple dinner to make and the house smelled amazing the entire time it was in the oven. Love me some pesto! I'm pretty sure I could live off of pesto and bread. But then I'd be 400 pounds. Sigh. It's all about balance people! But for real, we already have plans to have pesto-mozzarella pizza this weekend. Get. In.  My.  Belly.
Since it's not a recipe I created, I don't want to post the recipe on here - so do yourself a favor and click on the recipe above! I did manage to snap some pictures as I was making dinner and right before I pretty much inhaled it. 

I need to learn how to make
homemade pesto.
Pesto & Tomatoes = Winning pair!!!

 You can never have too
 much mozzarella.

 So. Tasty.
Now go buy some pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and some chicken! Yummy! 
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