Sunday, March 8, 2015

Daylight Savings and a Baby!

Over the last week, I read up on adjusting baby to Daylight Savings. While some don't think it's a big deal, I wanted to make sure that I planned ahead to put Elizabeth into bed early. An hour to a baby at night is a lot, so I didn't want to just put her to bed at her normal time.
Yesterday she took rock-star naps. I'm talking 2, 2 hour naps! Plus a nice 40 minute nap in the car that I strategically planned - mama wanted an iced coffee and then I got the genius idea to go for a car wash. After being in the car for 10 minutes, JB was out like a light! Mom win!!! So, to be honest, I was a little nervous about her going to sleep early.
So, how did I adjust JB to the time change? Well, I started her bedtime routine earlier than usual. Normal we do baths at 6:30, but last night I started her bath at 5:30 - it was a quick bath - I just had to wash her hair (we wash her body every other night since she has sensitive skin, but we have to wash her hair daily because of the helmet. We are trying to prevent her head from smelling like a gym sock). After literally wrestling with me to get into a diaper and jammies after bath (she likes to roll onto tummy during diaper changes and after bath. It's so frustrating. The struggle.), I finally got her ready for bottle. 
By 5:45, she was starting her 6 ounce bottle. She finished this fairly quick, which made the mama happy. Sometimes bedtime bottles can take like 30 minutes if she's too restless and in the mood to play. She typically has her bedtime bottle at 6:45, if not even a little later. She burped throughout the bottle which is always a good thing! Her cue lately that she needs to be burped is that she'll roll over onto her belly mid-bottle. Again, so frustrating. She used to just push the bottle away to give us the hint to burp her, but apparently those days are over. I swear, with all this rolling, she's going to give me a heart attack!
Around 6:15, I started her palmicourt/albuteral nebi treatment. Now that we've added albuteral since she has allergies, it takes a little bit longer to do the treatment. When we first start the treatment, she is awake and fights it. Not with tears, but she tries to grab the face mask. After a few minutes though, she gets too tired and just lays there. Most of the time she ends up curling up onto her side, which is so snuggly on mama's lap!   
By 6:38, she was sound asleep and she was in her crib at 6:45. It turned out that she was only in her crib about 40 minutes early, but since she would be losing an hour of sleep, I figured it was better than not early at all.
She woke up around 10pm for a quick bottle and was totally wanting to party. Luckily I was able to give her the look like "oh baby girl, it's so nap time". Apparently when Shaun got home, he ended up giving her 2 more ounces at midnight and then she slept until 7am! Her sleep this week has drastically improved, thank goodness! I was longing for the nights when we all slept through the night!
So I call that a daylight savings mom win!  It takes a baby about a week to adjust to the new time change, so we'll probably follow this schedule for a few more days. I actually meant to start this new schedule mid-week, but with Shaun being out of town, I just wasn't able to pull it off.
The struggle! Ha!

Have a nice Sunday everyone! :)

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