Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And then this happens...

Just as I'm all pumped and motivated to start my Seven Day Fitness Challenge, I'm down for the count as far as following through with it. So needless to say, it's on hiatus for the moment until I'm recovered from my stupidity...
On Monday morning, I was feeding JB in the kitchen. As usual, I was being goofy with trying to get her to laugh and I was leaping and jumping all over the kitchen (Yes I know, I'm a hot mess, but JB loves to laugh!!!). Well, I leaped too hard I guess because when I landed, I heard a pop and I instantly knew I did something stupid to my groin/pelvis. After hobbling over to the chair to grab onto something, the tears started flowing and I literally could not move. JB was just starting at me with her big beautiful eyes and naturally her just looking at me made me burst into laughter. But I was laughing as I was crying. I immediately wobbled my way to the bathroom where I grabbed the muscle relaxers that I was put on back in the fall when I injured my lower back. I texted my husband to let him know that I was pretty much dying and that I would be on the floor with JB for the rest of the day.
Boy do muscle relaxers knock me out. There is a delay in the effectiveness, but three hours after popping the first pill on Monday had mama sleepy as could be! Yikes!
After popping muscle relaxers like they were candy, my pain was slightly better. But not nearly improved enough to where I would be comfortable working out. We went to the Tampa Aquarium on Tuesday afternoon and I literally wobbled my way around. Every few minutes I literally had to stop. For a few moments, I confessed to my husband that my labor was less painful. And I mean it.
What's weird is that the pain has switched sides - it went from my right side to my left side. I didn't mention anything to my chiropractor today because it is a recent injury and I wanted to give it time to heal before I seek medical advice. In my googling (I know, I'm a freak), I'm self-diagnosing myself with a grade 1 muscle strain in the groin area. I haven't iced it, nor have I taken any muscle relaxers since Monday, but I will be taking one tonight to help me sleep.
So, my Seven Day Fitness Challenge is off for the moment. I'm guessing with relaxing (although how much relaxing can get done with a six-month old who is on a mission these days to be as mobile as possible). I'm hoping by the end of the week that I will feel better enough to at least do some walking on the treadmill. But I am feverishly trying to drink more water and eat less crappy food. I did pretty well today and even made a delicious Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf that was amazeballs. I really should start writing down recipes when I just whip things together!
Sigh. When will I stop being a mega clutz!?!?! Haha!! But in fairness, when it comes to this face, I'll do anything to make her laugh!

I can't even deal with this cute face.
I mean, she is such a doll!

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