Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

Why is it that the weekend takes so long to get here and then in the blink of an eye, the work-week is already here. Not fair I tell you, not fair! I'll just keep chanting "10 more days until spring break" and maybe that'll get me through the next two weeks. 

But anyways, our weekend was nice and relaxing. My husband was gone quite a bit last week and the beginning portion of the weekend, so we were perfectly content staying home all weekend. I think my husband only left the house once and that was to come with me to get our taxes done Saturday morning. We are getting a nice return, just not as nice as I was hoping. Apparently we are now in the next tax bracket, which meant we aren't getting as much back. I'll take anything though! We plan on putting it into savings. Last year I don't think we spent any of our tax return and it was amazing. We don't buy a lot of things throughout the year - we do a pretty good job putting money into savings and we have no desire to go out and spend our tax return on one big item. We figure that if the money is in savings, all we want to do is forget that it's in there! Believe it or not, we still have a few hundred dollars left from wedding gifts! Ha! 

Saturday afternoon and evening we just hung out together with JB and we watched a movie and I blogged about spring cleaning. Much to my surprise, we actually accomplished part of that massive list I shared with all of you in my previous post! 

Sunday morning we woke up and I decide to make some banana puree for JB. She's had sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and green beans, so I figured it was time for some fruit! Bananas are easy-peasy so I just peeled 5 bananas and tossed them in the blender. Once it was pureed, I added about 3 ounces of water and let it puree some more. I then poured it into ice cube trays since each little section is about an ounce and stuck it in the freezer. There was about 1.5 ounces left so we gave that to JB after her morning bottle. She wasn't as excited about it as I thought she'd be, but she did enjoy it. Right as I was making it, she fell asleep watching Baby Einstein and we were going to wait to give it to her until I got back from church, but she woke up and we decided to feed her. She was kinda sleepy, so I don't think she realized what deliciousness she was eating. 

Banana puree for my sweet pea!
I can't wait to mix banana with all sorts
of other fruits!
 Dada fed her.
Mama doesn't ever let her get this messy! HA!

Our little no-nap ninja finally took a nap in the afternoon and much to our surprise, it turned into an almost three-our nap! We were able to tackle part of the spring cleaning list and do our usual Sunday clean as well! JB fell asleep in the swing and managed to turn herself onto her side while in there but since she had fought sleep so hard, my husband begged me not to go move her. Once she woke up, we took her helmet off because I had a feeling there would be a red mark from her awkward position and sure enough, there were two bright red spots behind her ear. After a meltdown and a moment where I wanted to get into the car and run her helmet over with the car, we put some cream on it and after a little bit the redness faded. After a ton of deliberation back and forth as to whether or not she should wear it, we decided to put it back on right before bed. I prayed that there would be no redness in the morning - but either way, we will be going to the orthotist today for an adjustment (I've already spoken to him - he knows I'm type-A, so he gave me his cellphone number and told me to contact him at any time). It's just a shame though that I'll have to leave work for her appointment, but baby comes first! :) 

Sunday spring cleaning was actually kinda fun! My husband thought that when I told him I wanted to spring clean that it meant he had to help (I had every intention of having this as my list, but if he wants to help, I'm okay with that!). As I was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Easter M&Ms, I look over and he's on his hands and knees scrubbing our baseboards with bleach. Bless his heart. He ended up doing all the baseboards in the kitchen, living room, dining, room, and hallway. I steam cleaned the inside of the microwave and wiped down behind all the appliances. We rearrange a lot in the kitchen, so it actually wasn't all that bad. We managed to get everything done that I wanted to during her nap, which meant mama went on a Starbucks run since we did such a great job! 

 This stuff is amazing.
And it smells amazing too, plus it's non-toxic!

 Shh, don't tell him I took this pic!

My new obsession!!!

I was going to make beef enchiladas for dinner but by the time we got JB down (she's soooo fussy in the evening lately - I think it's a combination of her runny nose, teething, and being overtired), I looked at my husband and asked if it was okay if I just made a pizza. Of course he said yes and I appreciated that! I decided to channel my inner elementary school child by having a giant glass of chocolate milk with it (Wednesdays were pizza day in elementary school and I remember having pizza and chocolate milk, LOL). It was pretty delicious.

I'm actually not looking forward to this week. My husband will be servicing about 8 pharmacies in North Carolina this week, so it's just me and JB until the end of the week. Say prayers people, say prayers. Major props to single moms who do this EVERY day. I am so blessed I have a husband who is also super dada!!! 

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