Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thoughts for Wednesday....

I want you to know the entire time I was typing this, I had "Thoughts for Tuesday" in my mind. That's how out of it I am. Today is Wednesday. NOT Tuesday!!! So there goes my "Thoughts for Tuesday" idea.... Oh well!
Thought #1:
On any given day, I have a few freakouts. It's no surprise that my husband has learned to just roll with the punches and deal with me. This morning was no exception. JB woke up with a crusty, red eye and we both looked at each other and said "Yep. That's pink-eye". To be honest, we both expected it. [Yesterday I noticed some crusties on her eyes and I warned Shaun that we might wake up to pink eye.] We then stared at each other and said "Well I can't take off". Before either one of us started to over-react, we had a perfect conversation. He said he couldn't take off because he's on call this week for work and I said I couldn't take off because I was proctoring the 5th grade math assessment this morning and that it would be impossible to find a proctor at the last minute. We discussed alternatives and determined that he would take off the morning and take her to the pediatrician. I said I could leave work at 11:30 so he could then go to work. He did a wonderful job keeping me informed of what was going on and even let me stay at work for the whole day since I will have to stay home with her tomorrow. She is on antibiotic eye-drops but needs to be on them for 24 hours before she's allowed to go back to daycare (I LOVE that her daycare required a doctors note to return as well. Makes me feel better that they monitor the babies and make sure they are healthy). God bless our little Elizabeth because she is such a trooper through everything that she's been through.
Thought #2:
Last Thursday I had a second biopsy on a suspicious mole. Today I received this notification:
I will still have to go every 6 months now for skin checks, but I have prayed so hard that these results would come back with GOOD news and it is just that -  ALL GOOD!!!!!

Thought #3:
Fat Tuesday. Today is supposedly the day when we all are supposed to eat like pigs since Lent begins tomorrow. For the record, I've barely eaten today (which paired with my lack of coffee today) which probably is the cause for my horrific headache earlier. I cried it hurt so bad. Which of course made it worse. I took a mini "rest" when I got home from work since I just can't do naps. It made my head feel a little better but it still hurts. Early to bed for me tonight for sure! Anyways.... back to this thought. FAT TUESDAY means this little (and it's not little by any means, haha) gem ended up in my belly. All of it's raspberry glory and powdered sugar deliciousness.


Well, those are my thoughts for Wednesday! Have a good one everyone!
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