Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thoughts for Tuesday

Just like that, Monday has come and gone. It's Tuesday, which means it's time for Thoughts for Tuesday! :) 
Luckily the weather was a nice boost to the typical Monday-blues that everyone has. It was totally fantastic to be able to wear a dress to work and not have to worry about bare legs and being cold! I prefer to wear dresses to work (although wearing yoga pants has been kinda fun - no one ever notices! Bahaha! I'll eventually fit into my pre-pregnancy work pants, right? I mean for real). I think it's going to be dress weather for the next couple of days, which is fantastic!
I admit, it took me like three tries to figure out how to
take a picture from this angle. Good thing no one walked 
into my office while I was doing this! Hahaha!!!
I love award-show season, but I just could not get into the Oscars Sunday night. Normally all I watch is the red carpet show, but with trying to get JB into bed and then making pizza, the red carpet came and went by the time I sat down. I watched a few minutes of the Oscars and then I turned it off. With the exception of the opening number, I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a sub-par job. Even my husband commented on his dry jokes. I should also say that I rarely see any of the films nominated for the awards. They are just all too weird for me - with the exception of American Sniper. I do want to see that but my husband found a bootleg version of it online and watched it a few weeks ago, so I guess I'll just have to wait until it comes out on DVD.
JB had an appointment yesterday with the orthotist because I was sure her helmet was too small all of a sudden. Over the past couple days, she has had some mysterious red marks and I was convinced that it needed to be adjusted. Mama was wrong! He said some red spots are fine (even though she lasted over a week without one red spot). He did shave down the area above her eyes again which I was thankful for because I hate when it starts to creep over my little one's eyes! Pretty eyes and lashes shouldn't be hidden by the helmet!
My little #cutie.
I'm actually happy that we had an appointment because I ran into a mom whose daughter is also in a helmet. We got talking and we immediately asked each other if our babies slept in a Rock-and-Play and when we both said yes, we looked at each other with a definite hatred for that contraption. Yes, I know - MANY babies don't have a problem from sleeping in them. I get it. But it seems that everyone (who has a baby with a helmet) I talk to who has a baby who slept in it stated how well their babies slept right from the beginning and how they spent a lot of time sleeping in there. This just confirms it even more that JB's issue was caused by the rock and play. Even when we brought her home from the hospital, she went to sleep with NO issues in it and with the exception of waking up for bottles, never once tossed or turned during the night. Could I be wrong? Of course. But I do know that baby jellybean 2.0 (if and when that time comes), will not spend one second in that thing. I caution mommies out there to avoid the rock and play for extended periods of sleep - nap time is fine from what I've read. But a baby should not be spending every night sleeping in there - and that my friends, is something that I wish I would have known. To be honest, when she was a newborn, I thought it was the greatest thing ever. FAIL. Mega, mega, mom fail!
Well, those are my thoughts for Tuesday! Enjoy your day everyone! 

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