Wednesday, February 11, 2015

That Friend

Life can really throw you some curve balls. Life can also be simply amazing. Back in December of 2013, I was talking to a friend (who just so happened to be my intern in my classroom a few years ago) and I shared that I was pregnant. Not two seconds after I said that, she replied back with the news that she was pregnant too. I remember being so utterly excited to have a friend pregnant at the exact same time. We spent the next 8 months sharing stories that only two pregnant ladies would share. Stories with details that would probably gross you out. Sharing pregnancy symptoms? Oh yes - the gross details of the not-so-pretty-side of being pregnant. But I absolutely loved sharing stories. It was like someone was going through the exact same things I was (only I didn't have the morning sickness and she didn't have the misdiagnosis of Gestational Diabetes). Throughout the pregnancy, we talked ALL DAY, EVERY DAY about how excited we were to become mommies.
Flash forward almost 6 months and we still talk. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Only 90% of our conversations are her telling me to relax and that everything will work out. She is the optimistic one and I for sure am the pessimistic one. I see thunderstorms and she sees rainbows. I see doom-and-gloom and she sees the opposite. At times, I'm sure I drive her nuts. In fact, I know I drive her nuts.

But seriously, I'd be lost without her.  She is my go-to person for mommy advice - which toys to get for JB, talking about how close our little ones are to hitting the next milestone, and even which solid food should be up next. She's also the one who picked up our sweet pea from the babysitter's house a few weeks ago because I had a meeting after school that I had to attend. Oh, and today when I texted her about forgetting a crib sheet for JB at her new daycare, she jumped at the chance to stop what she was doing and drop off one at daycare. Do you have a friend this awesome!?!

In my book, she's the friend that everyone should have. I feel blessed to have her as someone I can talk to about anything - whether it's complaining because my husband is out of town for business, topics to blog about, and most recently my visit to the dermatologist which resulted in biopsies and one that has come back abnormal (I'll blog about that later this week after my appointment with the dermatologist). 
This afternoon, during one of my meltdowns, she sent me a link to the Seven Graces blog which was JUST what I needed to hear:
But the secret to getting over a bad day (or a bad season) is yourself. We choose how we react to situations. We choose how we overcome the little things and the big things that are thrown our way. When we choose to dwell on God instead of our problems, things start to turn around.
(Excerpt taken from Seven Graces blog)

So, to my dear friend Brittany over at The View From Up Here, THANK YOU. Thank you for knowing what to say at just the right time.

Thank you for being THAT friend. 

That friend that seems to always know the right thing to say. That friend that has the ability to calm my nerves and remind me that everything will be okay. That friend who does the nicest gestures, without ever having to be asked to help out. Everyone should wish to have a friend like you and I'm so blessed that our paths crossed a few years ago in my classroom! 
I'm looking forward to our babies growing up together and continuing to share our stories of being mommies. I'm looking forward to continuing a friendship that has helped me through some of the most stressful times in my life. 

We only look a little pregnant here! ;)
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