Thursday, February 5, 2015

Taking a Moment

I've had one of the same best friends for 26 years. Right when I moved to Florida in July 2007, Lyssa relocated to the Big Apple. Though we only see each other a few times a year, things never change. In 2014, I only saw her once - and that was Christmas Eve. We picked up right where things left off and were able to spend hours talking about life. I knew at Christmas time that I probably wouldn't see her again until the holidays this year. But last week, I received a message from her that her job was bringing her to Tampa this weekend and that she wanted to be able to see Elizabeth and I. 
Boy, this came at JUST the right moment. 
This week was bad.
It was rough.
It was overwhelming. 
I cried. A LOT.
Not just grabbing the tissues to dry a few tears. I'm talking Kim-Kardashian ugly cry like every. single. day. It wasn't just ONE event that led to these multiple moments of a complete meltdown, but it just seemed like it kept piling up. It just so happened that my husband is out of town all week on business trips, so he wasn't there to help me pull myself together.
So after a week like this, I needed to take a moment. I need to step away from the computer, my cell phone, blogging, and social media just to spend a few hours with my best friend. Sure, it took me forever to find her hotel in downtown. Even with my husband (who, at the time, was at an airport in Virginia) looking at mapquest while I was driving, I just couldn't find the darn hotel. Luckily I just called Lyssa and told her to walk outside and look for my car (I know, I'm an AWESOME friend). If any of you know, driving in downtown Tampa is more confusing than ANYTHING. One way-streets, rush-hour traffic, and multiple events going on in the same area just meant the odds were stacked against me. But, right after I called her, I realized that I was literally in front of her hotel - it just didn't look like one and it was literally like on top of the Straz Performing Arts Center! So, even with Elizabeth having a mini-meltdown on the way back to our house, we were able to catch up on life. I was able to fill her in on everything going on - the craziness at work, Elizabeth's head issues, my parents, and just rehashing the last 5 months of being a mom. She was able to catch me up on her life. It was perfect. Just a few hours of us chatting, taking turns holding Elizabeth, and asking each other how the heck it's possible that we are both 30 already. It seems like just yesterday we were coloring in Kindergarten together.
Taking a moment with my best friend made me realize how blessed we really are. We have jobs. We have a family. We have each other. Just when life throws another curve ball, we know that we can always rely on each other. Sometimes you just need a moment to regain your composure, to lift your spirits up, and realize that these troubles shall pass. That a year, or even a month from now, these moments will be just a memory. 
Life is moving too fast these days, so don't forget to just remember to stop, and take a moment. 
My best friend and I on my wedding day!

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