Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday's Story

Wow. It has been QUITE the weekend.  My husband has been out of town practically all week. We had hoped he'd be able to stay home and not get called out for business this weekend but that just didn't happen. Poor guy worked a 12+ hour day on Saturday and then got up and arrived at the airport by 6am this morning. I SO needed him home this weekend. 
Our beautiful baby girl showed her energetic side Friday and Saturday by being a no-nap ninja. She fought every single attempt at going down for a nap. Mama was exhausted. So exhausted that my mother-in-law came over Saturday night to help and she couldn't get her to sleep either! Zoikes! I finally got JB to fall asleep around 9pm last night.
I have no clue what happened. 
All I know is thank God that she took an almost 40 minute nap this morning and then a 2 hr and 45 minute nap this afternoon. She needed the sleep! She fell asleep on me and an hour into the nap, my husband came home. We oh-so-carefully moved her into her crib where she slept for another almost 2 hours! This was her first REAL nap in her crib! She has been napping on our bed during the day and at the babysitter's house, she sleeps in the pack and play. As much as I love her sleeping in bed with us, I realized that we really need to start training her to go to sleep on her own. Since she rolls around so much, we cannot safely put her on our bed anymore (sigh...) and therefore needs to be in her crib. In the evenings, we have to give her a nebi treatment and that always puts her to sleep. But once we are done with these treatments (we are hoping this month will mark the end of it), she will need to go to sleep independently. So this week we are starting crib sleeping - which I pray works out but I know it's going to be a rough week. Not only because she's not used to her crib anymore, but because she gets her cranial cap (helmet) on Wednesday afternoon. I'm not emotionally ready to go into all the details about this yet, but I briefly mentioned it over at my other blog, Keeping Up With The Whites, that I used for all of five seconds. I'll eventually post about it, but to be honest, the closer it gets to actually having the cranial cap, the more emotional I get. 
As Elizabeth took her nap, I decided to run some errands - returning something to the mall, my Sunday trip to Target (yep, I went yesterday too), and then grocery shopping. All of the stress lately has had a huge impact on my appetite - in fact, I've lost almost 2 pounds since last Thursday, but I know that I have to eat sensibly so I can have energy to get through the day (and the upcoming nights). So, I went to Publix - WITHOUT a list! Haha! Luckily I had my phone on my and I was able to reference Pinterest! Pinterest wins every time! 
Here's what's up on the menu for this week:


I actually plan on making the taco mixture tonight so tomorrow all we have to do is heat it up! #momwin hahaha!

For the rest of this afternoon, I plan on finishing up cleaning the house, giving JB her bath, and just spending the evening with my family! 
Enjoy what's left of the weekend everyone! 

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