Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

What a crazy week! Although, it wasn't nearly as crazy as last week. It just seems like life is so hectic lately! I'm ready for the weekend so we can just relax as a family of three! 
JB had pink eye this week. AGAIN. But, just like last time, I don't think it was bacterial pink eye. I think she has allergies and when it gets into her eyes, out comes the goopy and crusty grossness. On Monday when I picked her up from daycare, I noticed she had some small crusty stuff on her eye and I told Shaun we needed to keep our eye on it. Sure enough, when we woke up Tuesday morning, her eye was loaded. The pediatrician said it was pink eye and gave us stronger, gel-like eye drops to use twice a day for three days. By Tuesday night, her eye was almost completely better. Of course, we continued to do the drops. Actually, I have to call her pediatrician this morning because he told Shaun three days, but the prescription bottle says five days. I want to make sure we are following the right directions, so I'll need to verify. At her 6-month well visit, I will be sure to ask the pediatrician about allergies because I'm almost certain neither case was really pink eye.

We finally got a white-noise machine for JB's room. I couldn't find one that I liked that also got good reviews on Amazon, used an adapter that plugged into the wall, and that stayed on all night. When I went to a doctor's appointment this week, I noticed one sitting in the corner of the waiting room and I glanced at it and looked it up on Amazon. I ordered it right then and there and it arrived this afternoon! Love me some Amazon Prime! She loves Sleep Sheep, but it doesn't stay on for more than 45 minutes and she needs noise all night long. So we'll see how it goes tonight! Look for a review of it early next week sometime! 

It is so. freaking. cold. I mean, it's Florida people. The temperature isn't supposed to drop below 65 degrees right? It's going to be in the 30s this morning. Yikes! I don't even know what to wear when the weather gets this cold. Luckily it's Friday, which means I can wear jeans to work. Can I wear one of my comfy sweatshirts too!?! ;) I guess that would be pushing it! Luckily this weekend it's going to warm back up. I would love it if it stayed in the low 70s, with no humidity all day long! :) A girl can dream, right?

Interrupted sleep has been the name of the game this week in the White House. JB has woken up every single night crying. We aren't sure if it's because she's cold. Or if it's because of her helmet. Or of it's because she's hungry and going through a growth spurt.  Or maybe it's her teeth that I swear are NEVER going to come through. Honestly, I love the middle of the night feedings this week. It reminds me of when she was a newborn. Call me crazy, but I loved feeding her in the middle of the night. It was quiet, dark, and she was just so peaceful. On Wednesday night, she drank a bottle at 10:30 and then again at 1:30! My little piggy! We are praying she's going through her six-month growth spurt because it's a big one and it could have mega benefits for her helmet therapy. Grow my little jelly bean, grow!

I am considering going for a massage this weekend if my neck doesn't get better. After JB has her middle of the night bottles, we've been letting her sleep with us in bed. When she's in our bed, I literally do not move. She's in the middle and then I have Mia on the other side. So the way I go to bed is the way I wake up in the morning and it's beginning to cause pain in my lower neck/top of my right shoulder. It feels like there is a giant knot there. I'm not sure if going to the chiro would help or if I need a massage. Tips? Suggestions? Shaun tried massaging it out and it didn't work. Perhaps I'll just have him keep on trying though! LOL! 

Well, that's my Five on Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday morning for my weekend recap! 
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