Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Yes! It's finally Friday! Goodness gracious was this a crazy week! Every single day this week we had something going on after school - JB had appointments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then yesterday afternoon, I had my scary dermatology appointment (read about why it's scary here). I told my husband that all I want to do this weekend is spend time with him and Elizabeth.
So, with it being Fri-yay and all, it's time for Five on Friday! 
I cooked dinner EVERY single day this week. Amen! I actually stuck with our meal plan (minus one adjustment where I switched the days). I find that if I meal plan on the weekend, I don't end up having to run to Publix at all during the week! It's amazing to not have to waste the time running to the grocery store in the middle of the week.  I don't mind these grocery runs if I'm not working that day, but during the work-week, I need as much playtime with JB as possible! Thursday's night dinner was ahhhmazing. I made Parmesan Chicken Bake and it was so, so, so good. I cut the recipe down a lot since it's just the two of us and it worked out perfectly. I would have taken a picture but I was so hungry by the time it was done that I pretty much inhaled it without breathing. Shaun gave it two thumbs up too - even after I told him it had mayo in it! I'm striving for more meal plans this weekend!
I have to get better with scheduling bill payments online. January and February were a hot mess for paying bills on time via web payments. I'm usually so good about it but for some reason, I missed so many bills. Luckily none of them had late fees (I fought the one from Kohl's). I think this weekend I need to get some ideas from Pinterest on how to create a schedule for paying bills. I'm sure there's something out there! 

Saturday is Valentine's Day. Sigh. I'm We're not huge fans of Valentine's Day. But, this year it will be a special one because it means that one year ago, we announced that we were expecting our little baby jelly bean! I cannot believe how fast a year goes by. Seriously. I remember being so utterly excited to make the announcement. So excited in fact, that I remember my hands were shaking right before I hit "post" on IG and Facebook! Gosh, I loved every second of my pregnancy! We have plans on Saturday to hang out with my brother and Becky! :) It should be fun since we haven't seen them since before Christmas! 

How we announced that we were expecting!

We FINALLY found a good daycare. After one daycare in the fall and then a private babysitter for the past 5 weeks, I was determined to find a good one. We needed a place that would follow our schedule and ensure that our little peanut was receiving the best care possible. We ended up putting her in a new daycare this past Tuesday and we love it so far. They have been following our schedule perfectly and even got JB to take TWO GOOD naps yesterday (for the majority of the week, she's been taking two, 20-minute naps). But today when I picked her up and saw that she took two, hour-and-fifteen minute naps, I was so giddy! Bless their hearts for getting our little no-nap ninja to sleep! 

Yesterday I was able to pull EVERY. SINGLE. one of my reading groups. If you're a teacher in a public school during "testing season", you understand my reason for excitement! I was also on time for EVERY. SINGLE. groups. Can I get an AMEN!?!?! Next week will be totally different because Tuesday and Wednesday I'm proctoring the 5th grade Math Assessment and then Thursday I'm off campus for a reading resource teacher meeting. Sigh. You win some, you lose some! Ha!

Well, that's my Five on Friday! Enjoy your Fri-yay everyone!

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