Monday, February 16, 2015

Catching Up With The Whites

This past weekend was spent with my beautiful family. I decided I'm going to try and not blog on the weekend because I think spending time with JB and my husband is far more important. To that one reader out there, sorry, but you'll just have to follow my life on IG on Saturdays and Sundays. Bahahaha!!!!! With me being a working mama, I have to soak in all of these moments I have with her at home - especially on the weekends when my husband is in town and it's just the three of us. 
Saturday was Valentine's Day and we didn't have a lot planned. I wanted to take some cute pictures of Elizabeth so we did that in the morning and then my husband left to "pick something up". We had mutually agreed on no gifts since we don't usually do a lot for Valentine's Day, but clearly he had listened carefully to me dropping the "You know, I've never had one of those Edible Arrangements" hint. I dropped the hint a few weeks ago and wasn't serious about him doing it for Valentine's Day, but of course he's a sweetheart and came home with a perfect arrangement of delicious chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped pineapple, grapes, and stuffed animal and a balloon! I loved it! I did share with my husband, but only a few pieces, haha! Look at this adorable-ness:

 This face!!!

 Oh Mama, I like this book!

 Stylin' baby 
(outfit picked out by The Dada)

Saturday evening the three of us went to my brother's house for dinner. We  He grilled up some steaks, steamed some green beans, and baked this delicious stuffed clam thing. Everything was amazeballs. I'm not usually a steak person, but when I have one, it is always oh-so-good! We brought the dessert, which was a festive Valentine's-themed funfetti cake. Why? Because apparently I am 5 years old. Bahaha.
Sunday was just a relaxing day at home and then an afternoon trip to Target to pick up some essentials for the house (rubbermaid container for her newborn and 3-month clothes - I was going to sell them but if we decide on jelly bean 2.0 and baby is a girl, I figured it might be a good idea to save them so next weekend I will be packing them up to store in the back of her closet.) and snacks for the workweek. It was our first trip out in public since JB got her helmet last week. I'll reserve any other comments about our trip until a post I write about her first full week in the helmet. Let's just say I wasn't surprised one bit. I also made a batch of crock pot baked potato soup. I couldn't find the recipe I made last time so I just made up a recipe in my head and it. was. DELICIOUS.  
 Oh, and JB legit knows how to hold
 her bottle herself. Sigh

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Sorry the recap is so late, but again - family time is much, much more important.
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