Thursday, July 10, 2014

Keep Calm...

Keep Calm.... Easier said than done these days!  But really, the past two days have been GOOD days.  I find that keeping busy keeps my mind off of my worries and focused on getting things accomplished.  I even went to work yesterday to help unpack about 200 boxes of materials from our new reading series.  Oye vey.  Don't believe me? Here's a visual from the day...

 I didn't do heavy lifting.  No worries! :)
Mama was safe!


 I was in get-er-done mode. This was after about 
45 minutes! BAM! Mama's on a roll!!!

 This is JUST for 5th grade. Good grief! LOL! 

 And we're done right? Nope! Now it's time 
to barcode EVERYTHING.

A co-worker and I worked on this for about 3 hours before we called it quits.  We got so much done! I'm going back next week to help out again because that is so not fair to make one person do that! LOL!  I can't lift boxes but I can open boxes, unpack, and barcode! 

My husband told me on Tuesday to get a hobby.  He thinks I'm going to drive myself nuts if I just sit around and Google everything that I think is wrong with baby and I. I don't have the patience to start a new hobby because once baby girl arrives, she'll be the most important thing.  He suggested knitting.  Maybe later. He suggested scrapbooking.  Nah, it's overwhelming to scrapbook. I should start a baby book though.  

While he was at work this morning, I called him and told him to give me a list of things to do around the house.  That will be my hobby.  Nesting.  Surely I'll be good at it.  I mean, I actually don't mind cleaning (probably because our house is so small and we're pretty neat and organized).  So this morning I hung up a few wedding pics - which is awesome because our 2-year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching!!! Gosh, our wedding was just blissfully amazing. I wish I could relive it every day.  The church, the dress, the reception, family, friends, oh I could go on forever!  I was hanging these pictures at 7:30 this morning! But I did a good job getting them to be straight - which is hard because both frames had TWO hooks which means lining up nails.  Success!

For the rest of the day, I've been running errands which include picking out paint colors!  Since I'm in full nesting mode, I asked if we could paint a few rooms. And by we, I mean HIM. LOL.  Mama can't paint! But I can surely assist in the selection of colors.  I went to Lowe's and Home Depot to look at some colors for the bathroom, kitchen, and office.  My husband and I will have to discuss, along with getting input from my mom when she comes to visit next week! :)

Now it's time to deep-clean the kitchen! I told you, keep me busy and all is good! :)

I'll leave you with my mantra for today...

 I will try my best to follow it today, tomorrow, and the next! 

Simply Blessed,

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